We decided this week to comb our catalogue for the Gigaset device which is, in our professional opinion, best suited for use by the elderly. This means it includes a few key features which can help those with limited sight, hearing, or dexterity still utilise the device to its fullest.

The key features which defines a devices accessibility for the elderly are fairly straightforward:

  1. Large, Oversized Keypad And Buttons: This is great both for making the key pad more visible and easy to ready, as well as making the devices easier to interact with for those with limited dexterity. Ideally text on the display will also be easier to read.
  2. Volume Boost: Increases the volume of both the speaker and/or microphone to make conversation easier.
  3. Hearing Aid Compatibility: Allows the device to make use of a hearing aids speaker for highly improved audio.

So, which Gigaset device best meets these criteria and is overall the best all-around pick?

The Winner Is: Siemens Gigaset E500A


Packing in all of the above qualities plus an exceptional design and production quality, along with exceptional sound quality and High Sound Performance (HSP) technology, is the Siemens Gigaset E500A cordless phone. Exceptionally easy to use, the phone allows for font size to be adjusted, includes large over sized and easy-to-press buttons, and is fully hearing aid compatible, making it a winning selection for seniors.

But the E500A doesn't skimp on any must have features, either. It includes a 25-minute digital answering answering machine, a massive 20 hours talk time/240 hour standby and operates on ECO DECT and Green Home technologies to reduce power consumption.


The E500A is a great phone all by itself for any user, but its particular attention to the few details above makes it a truly ideal device for the elderly or anyone who might suffer from problems with vision, hearing, or dexterity.

Take a look at its product page for a bit more of the nitty-gritty detail!