The baby monitor is a fantastic device for simplifying the lives of parents – effectively a tool which allows them to extend their range and field of perception to always have baby in mind. In this article, we'll examine the top five reasons why a baby monitor is an essential element in any well-prepared parent’s toolkit.

1. Alerts for emergencies

With a baby monitor in place, parents are immediately alerted to the infant’s distress (crying or abnormal sounds) as well as having the opportunity to hear any sounds the child may make. This gives parents an always-on ear with full focus on the child.

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2. Peace of mind

Raising children is undoubtedly a stressful endeavour. For many, the act of leaving their child alone by itself can be worrying and enough to keep one awake at night. The baby monitor is a wonderful tool for providing that extra peace of mind which allows parents to know they will be alerted should a need arise.

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3. Keep an ear on sleep cycles

Most infants make some noise upon awakening or shortly thereafter. With a baby monitor letting you hear what’s going on in baby’s room, you'll be alerted shortly after they wake up, allowing you to keep close watch on when the child sleeps and wakes up.

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4. Help develop independence

A baby monitor allows parents to still remain aware of their child and what they are doing without being within the same room. This lets parents duck out during playtime or lay the child down for naps and exit the room without being overly concerned. As a result, the child experiences essential time apart from his parents (but never too far away) – good for the child as well as the parents.

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5. Experience moments to be cherished

Besides its utilitarian functions as a highly useful monitoring tool for emergencies, the baby monitor also provides parents with a window into what the child is doing and what sounds its making. Often, the result of this is opportunities to experience the wondrously joyful moments of parenthood when interesting cues are given over the monitor. For example, the BT Video Baby Monitor 1000 can be used to take photos & record videos, which can then be shared online with relatives and friends via Facebook and email.

BT Baby Monitor 1000


Providing peace of mind and assisting parents in their day-to-day lives, the baby monitor is an essential and potentially life-saving device which has made itself ubiquitous the world over in the homes of parents with young children.

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