Let's take a look at our round up of the five finest wireless headsets available here at liGo. Each headset has been selected on its own merits and compared to a wide host of competitors.

Plantronics CS540

CS540First up is this sleek offering from Plantronics, the CS540 Wireless Headset. Operating on the DECT protocol, this headset is widely compatible with a range of DECT devices such as cordless phones and offers the exceptional sound quality and range (120 meters) capabilities inherent in the DECT standard. Designed with a certain utilitarian minimalism, the CS540 is geared to be an easy-to-use workhorse device suitable for office or home environments.

Offering up to 7 hours of continuous talk time, the CS540 is versatile device with quality components. It features a noise cancelling microphone and Digital Sound Processing (DSP) wide-band audio capabilities for ideal sound clarity on both ends of the line.

Jabra Motion Office UC

Jabra Motion Office

Designed to be widely compatible with a variety of different devices, the Jabra Motion UC Headset is capable of moving seamlessly between all of your different communications devices, making it ideal for anyone who regularly interfaces with different devices. The Jabra Motion UC can be used with desk phones, Voice over IP (VoIP) phones and soft phones, mobile phones, tablets, computers, and other mobile devices.

The Jabra Motion Office UC features several cleverly designed highlights which enhance its convenience and ease of use substantially. It features intelligent call control sensors which allow you to answer an incoming call by simply picking up the headset without pressing any additional buttons. It even monitors the background noise to automatically adjust the volume in order to insure you always can hear the call. It can operate well in noisy environments thanks to this intelligent adjustment of volume control, and also cleans things up on the users end of the line by employing a high quality noise cancelling microphone.

Plantronics Voyager Legend CS Wireless Headset

Voyager Legend

Next we have another sleek glossy black offering from the Plantronics camp. This time, however, it is jam packed with all the bells and whistles. The Voyager Legend CS Wireless Headset spares no expense when its comes to incorporating the latest and greatest.

Some of the highlights of the Voyager Legend include its voice control system, which lets you answer calls, redial numbers, check the headsets battery and more all completely hands free. Its flexibility and BlueTooth compatibility allow it to be used with a wide range of compatible desk phones, smart phones, computers and more, letting you take a call on your headset no matter its source. Easily answer the Voyager Legend by simply putting it on, thanks to its SmartSensor technology.

Doro HS1910 Wireless Headset


The Doro HS1910 Wireless Headset is a DECT headset, making it widely compatible with a range of DECT cordless phones and other DECT devices, as well as being able to be connected to some hard-wired deskphones. Featuring a huge range of 150 meters (definitely massive compared to some of the BlueTooth-based offering above,) this is a great selection for anyone who wanders around while taking their calls.

We find some quality construction on the HS1910 with its gold-plated connectors, and some helpful design features in its ability to be worn on either the left or right ear depending on the users preference.

Sennheiser MB Pro 1


Sennheiser has always been known for their exceptional products, which deliver amazing audio quality and durable long-lasting performance. The MB Pro 1 is a great example of all that makes Sennheiser great, offering its users an astoundingly crisp audio experience and an impressive 15 hours of talk time. Being Bluetooth based, the Sennheiser MB Pro 1 is compatible with a wide range of BlueTooth devices and has a range of up to 25 meters.

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