We've decided its high time we turn our attention to five perturbingly pesky principally pervasive parables which seem to loom large over the world of phone charging.

1. Never Use Your Phone While Its Charging!

There are plenty of rumours which fall more or less into this one heading. The supposed consequences of using your phone while its charging can range from something as mundane as the battery not charging properly to catastrophic injury from electrocution and explosions!

In reality, using your phone while its charging is perfectly safe and no more likely to make it explode or suddenly function as an unwanted taser.

2. Charging Your Phone All Night Is Bad For The Battery

If you're like a lot of people, you probably pop your phone on the charger as you go to bed so that, like you, it can get some rest and be fresh in the morning when you require its services once again.

While some have claimed that charging for extended periods like over night can cause problems with the battery, modern phones include charge controller technology which prevents their batteries from overcharging. So, once it hits capacity, it simply shuts off charging and reverts to a “trickle charge” which acts to keep the battery full but never over loaded – keeping your phone safe over night, or any time its on the charger.


3. Abstain From Charging Until The Phone Dies Completely

This is actually something of a dangerous rumour – a life threatening rumour, even, if you're a battery. Consistently draining and then reanimating your phone's battery can actually be quite bad for its overall health.

Its better to give them a daily charge and try to keep battery life somewhere within the 40-80% range. Ideally, if you want to extend your battery's life as much as possible, you don't want it to die at all.

4. Never Turn Your Phone Off

According to some, the way to get the most from your phone is to never shut it down and to keep it up and running 24/7. However, the devices can often benefit from a reboot and can actually benefit from some downtime in general to help preserve battery life and the overall integrity of the device.

It's similar to your PC or notebook: if you don't reboot it from time to time, it will become slower and slower over time, with more and more applications running and filling up it's memory.

5. Using Different Brands Of Chargers Will Destroy The Battery


On the market for phone accessories there are plenty of different chargers, many which might be advertised as compatible with your phone.

There are some options which are pretty affordable even on a budget from completely legitimate companies such as Belkin which will reliably charge your phone damage-free. But some caution should be taken to avoid extremely cheap knock-off cords, which could cause damage due to faulty design.


Hopefully we have dispelled a few misconceptions and half-truths about the everyday process of charging your phone and extending its battery life!