Looking for a few interesting gadgets to spice up the home front this 2015?

Here are my top five selections for neat household accessories to explore in the coming year.

1. Video Monitor

If you haven't already invested in a video monitor, the technology is only getting more appealing. Great for home security, monitoring children, pets, or anything else, these cameras can add a bit of peace of mind and an extra security measure for your home.

With prices ever falling and features always evolving, modern video monitors can be acquired relatively cheap and have all sorts of useful features. Smart phone integration, camera tilting, panning and zooming for a wider field of view, night vision and much more have now become standard features.

Your video monitor might even capture an exciting bit of accidental footage and produce the next viral video, like this silly clip which has raked in over 11 million views!

You never know....

2. Robot Vacuum

By now the robot vacuum is almost old hat – but new options like the latest from Roomba continue to innovate and make these devices more useful and functional. Improvements in navigation, filtering and cleaning capability has made these devices increasingly better at getting the jobs done.

Neat features like remote control let you give the device commands without having to catch it, and the device can even be setup on a schedule to clean at routine times and automatically return to its charger when its done, completely freeing you of worrying about sweeping or vacuuming at all.



3. Device Charging Paper Towel Holder

This is such a simple yet useful addition to any counter top. Suddenly you have a charging port for four devices, and paper towels readily at hand! Functional, simple, useful and even a little whimsical.



4. WINBOT Window Cleaning Robot

While robot vacuums might be old news already, the WINBOT is something people probably haven't heard of. Simply attach it to your window and watch it work its magic. Ideal for cleaning large glass surfaces like sliding glass doors or bay windows, the WINBOT can save you a lot of hassle and time spent cleaning your windows. Especially useful anywhere with hard to reach windows such as those multiple stories above the ground, the WINBOT can be put up via extension and work its cleaning magic while you sit safely below.



5. Shower Head with Wireless Speaker

If you're anything like me, you'd prefer to spend every moment of your day immersed in music, and this neat speaker system helps bring you a little closer to that goal.

You'll certainly find yourself singing in the showers, but this time you'll probably be a little more in key thanks to the high quality speaker blaring your favourite tunes sourced wirelessly from your MP3 player.



BONUS ITEM: Robot Bartender

While the £16,000+ price tag might be a bit much for most people, those who can spare the expense will truly know the future has arrived when they sip their first drink from their robot bartender.

This magnificent device has a drink database of 600 cocktails which you can select from. It can be stocked with up to 16 bottles of liquor and 12 mixers, includes a insulated container to hold up to 9kg of ice, and even has a garnish tray so you can top your cocktail off with an olive.


'Till Next Time!

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