There is always the concern that rapid changes in technology could leave some people at a disadvantage, and the increased adoption of digital services by wireless carriers has posed accessibility challenges to the deaf and hard of hearing. Digital technology offers improved efficiency and more features, but some mobile phones can interfere with the performance of hearing aids.

To grant the deaf and hard of hearing access to digital wireless devices, mobiles come with a Hearing Aid Compatibility – HAC – rating that lets you know whether the phone works well with hearing aids. Some phones work well with particular hearing aids, so you should always test for compatibility before purchasing. As you will see from the list below, Doro is well established in this niche.

The following are our top choices for hearing aid compatible phones:

1. Doro Liberto 820

The Android platform can appear dreadfully intricate to smartphone newbies, but Doro has made every effort to simplify the process, making the Doro Liberto 820 an easy to use smartphone for the elderly. It has retained the standard features of a smartphone, such as a sharp and bright 4.5-inch screen, 8Mp back camera, 3G data for web browsing, and memory card slot. It also has an Assistance button at the back that the user can push to alert friends or emergency contacts when need be.


2. Doro PhoneEasy 612

Another elderly-friendly handset by Doro, the Doro PhoneEasy 612 is a stylish & reliable clam-shell mobile that lets you answer and end calls with a simple flip. It has a 2Mp camera to capture those special moments, and some other design features, such as soft touch coating, widely spaced concave keys, and raised edges for brilliant handling.

It also offers

  • 12 hours of talk-time,
  • Bluetooth 3.0,
  • support for microSD,
  • and FM radio.


3. Doro PhoneEasy 606

Another stylish clam-shell, the Doro PhoneEasy 606 mobile phone is easy to use, making it a great choice for the elderly with sight problems. The phone also has a variety of other useful features, including

  • an FM radio,
  • organiser to note appointments,
  • an alarm for reminders,
  • Bluetooth,
  • and long battery life with up to 11 hours of talk-time and 480 hours on standby.


4. Doro Secure 580

This durable and splash proof (IP54) Doro Secure 580 mobile phone is designed for the elderly and/or vulnerable, offering 4 quick dial button so you can easily call the people closest to you with one simple press, and an emergency key that automatically calls a list of emergency contacts sequentially for enhanced security. The phone also has GPS localisation to let your contacts know where you are. The Secure 580 also offers high definition voice.


5. Doro PhoneEasy 505

Our 5th Doro phone recommendation is the Doro PhoneEasy 505, a basic, entry level mobile with large clear display & big buttons to make it easier to operate for those with poor eyesight and clumsy handling.

This phone gives you great value for money, with an emergency button on the rear that lets you contact up to 5 emergency numbers, as well as some level of customisation so you can change the colour schemes, wallpapers, volume level, ringtones, and other settings, as need be.



Without a doubt, Doro’s range of products is aimed at a group of users who prioritise basic communication over having access to the latest features. These are our top picks for the elderly who may need to use a hearing aid compatible mobile.