If you're in the market for something truly state-of-the-art, we've got your back. Below, we've compiled a list of the top five designer phones of 2014. Each device has been selected because it is truly the latest and greatest, delivering us to the cutting edge of phone technology.

1. The Siemens Gigaset SL910A

Since its release, the Gigaset SL910A has attracted quite a bit of attention not just from us here at liGo, but also picking up Design Awards from the likes of iF. And for good reason - this stylish home phone is Gigaset's first fully touchscreen model, and boasts an elegant and sophistcated genuine metal-frame and cradle. Scoring top marks for its eye-catching design, it also has the features and performance to match - the intuitive interface and responsive touchscreen help you take advantage of the many features on offer (you can find out more about the SL910A here), and the sound quality is truly exceptional.

Boasts an elegant and sophisticated genuine metal frame


A designer phone for those with discerning tastes and a penchant for the best that money can buy; the SL910A is certainly deserving of a spot on our top 5. The single model will set you back £124.99, and is expandable up to six handsets (a whopping £599.99).


2. The iDECT Eclipse

Never afraid of pushing the boundaries of conventional design, iDECT have served up one of the most striking cordless phones of 2014 with the - iDECT Eclipse. The base unit is a free-standing half ellipse (perhaps the word they were thinking of when naming it), which forms a completed loop when the handset is placed on it to charge. The novel design is not only an interesting aesthetic take on an everyday device, but also practical serving to make picking up the handset easier and more convenient and the curved shaped of the handset giving optimum clarity on calls.

One of the most striking cordless phones of 2014

iDECT Eclipse

Incorporating features such as speakerphone on the handset and base, a 200 name and number phone book, integrated digital answering machine, and dependable battery life; the iDECT Eclipse is ideal for any busy home or office. The single is available for £79.99.

3. The Jacob Jensen 5010

The Jacob Jensen 5010 features a neat minimalist design courtesy of its Danish designers, and would be perfect for use in a contemporary home or office. The main unit is a corded deskphone (which can be wall mounted with the included bracket), which is supplemented by an additional DECT handset. Features are fairtly thin on the ground - there is a phone book memory for 100 contacts, intercom and call transfer features, and loudspeaker options on both for hands-free. But what the Jacob Jensen 5010 lacks in functionality it more than makes up for when it comes to quality; for design, sound, and build it is one of the top choices.

Perfect for use in a contemporary home or office

Jacob Jensen 5010

4. The Swissvoice L7

A retro-chic offering from Swissvoice - the L7 - offers plenty of style and functionality with the ability to intercom between the base unit and cordless handset. One of the most compelling reasons to love the Swissvoice L7 is the attention to detail, from the unique shape of the handset to the customised font and icons used in the interface.

Swissvoice L7

One of the most compelling reasons to love the Swissvoice L7 is the attention to detail

In addition to the fact it looks like it's just been transported from another time, the L7 has one of the best speakerphones that we've come across - whether answering a call on the base or switching to hands-free on the cordless handset - the sond quality is phenomenal.

5. The Philips S10A

A decidedly modern home phone the Philips S10A looks like it has taken inspiration for its design from Apple's iPhone. The high quality lightweight aluminium case and the large full-colour touchscreen add a touch of luxury, and it even boasts some smart phone-esque features, such as the ability to convert your favourite songs into ring tones.


'Till Next Time

If none of these tickle your fancy take a look at all the Designer Phones on offer, and let us hear your thoughts on what should have been included in this year's list!