Call centres provide one of the most gruelling environments for headsets, and the numerous phone calls and countless hours of use can easily take a toll on your headsets. To ensure optimum employee performance and heavy use, there are several durable and feature-packed corded headsets that are specifically designed for call centre environments. Some popular call centre corded headsets include:

Plantronics HW251 Corded headset HW251_large

As one of the members of the SupraPlus Wideband family of the Plantronics line, the Plantronics HW251 headset is a rugged, durable headset that is also very comfortable to wear all-day long, making it a true workhorse. Besides enjoying the benefits of a headset of being hands-free with exceptional sound quality, the HW251 is a monaural, over-the-head wideband headset that is easily adjustable to deliver a comfortable and secure fit. This headset also features a clear voice tube that is made for the average-to-quiet office environment.

The HW251 has a clothing clip that attaches to your shirt collar to ensure that the headset remains perfectly positioned all-day. Other useful features include the ability of the voice tube to telescope out for easy positioning and a quick disconnect at the bottom of your amplifier or direct-connect cable.

Plantronics HW291N Corded Headset

HW291N_largeIf you spend hours on back-to-back calls in an average or noisy environment, you need a lightweight and comfortable headset that cancels background noise, like the corded Plantronics HW291N headset. It is a top of the line Plantronics corded headset that features an elegant, executive design. It comes with a host of features that cannot be found in other headsets, like the expandable microphone boom and pivot on the arm, to provide a comfortable fit for everyday use.

In addition to its lightweight style and leatherette cushion ear piece, the HW291N features Plantronic’s top-of-the-line noise cancelling functionality, which blocks 30 t0 70% of all background noise. The cable also ends in quick disconnect, which you need to match up to the right cable for your phone or device.

Jabra Biz 1900 MonoBIZ1900mono_large

Featuring a lightweight, sturdy design and professional quality and optimised for the cost-conscious contact centre user, the Biz 1900 Mono Headset by Jabra offers professional performance at an exceptional value. The Biz 1900 enhances the user’s productivity and performance owing to its great features, like the noise cancelling microphone that prevents background noise in your work environment from being transmitted to your customer’s ears.

The Biz 1900 Mono offers a lightweight design combined with a headband wearing style and leatherette cushions or ear foams for all-day comfort. It also offers multiple adjustment points to easily adapt to user preferences, and features a USB plug for instant PC connectivity.

Sennheiser SH230

SH230_largeWith its lightweight build, HD voice clarity for reduced echo, superior voice clarity, and accented speaker recognition, and wearing flexibility, with a 300-degree adjustable microphone boom for increased positioning accuracy and stability, and optimal durability, he SH230 IP is perhaps Sennheiser’s most practical and affordable premium sound, single-sided headset. It also features multiple safety and comfort features, like protected hearing ActiveGard technology that protects against sudden sound surges and the unique foam ear pad channels sound for optimised speech quality, for all-day use.

Jabra Biz 2400 Duo Omnibiz2400Omni_large

Combining an unobtrusive design with a lightweight yet durable construction, which features a 360-degree rotating break proof boom arm, the Jabra Biz 2400 Duo Omni headset is capable of withstanding the extreme conditions of a contact centre environment. The Biz 2300 also features noise cancellation and Wideband speaker performance for crystal clear conversation experience in the contact centre environment, as well as a quick disconnect function for instant connectivity to a variety of devices.

Featuring the latest in noise cancelling technology and mono and duo speaker styles, call centres can use any of these headsets to ensure that their customers enjoy clear, understandable conversions irrespective of how noisy the environment gets.