BT has plenty of great offerings for the cordless phone seeker featured in our catalogue over at the liGo store. We thought we'd take the liberty to take a fine toothed comb through our inventory and find the top BT cordless phones which impress our editors.

1. BT 8500
2. BT 4000
3. BT Inspire 1500
4. BT 6500
5. BT 2000


1. BT 8500

First off we've got the BT 8500 cordless phone. This is a straightforward cordless phone but is packed with a few neat features which make it a highly versatile device and a great all-in-one home phone. Included in the BT 8500 is

  • a set of nuisance call blocking features to get rid of unwanted disturbances,
  • a 200 name and number phone book to keep you in touch with everyone you know,
  • a 60 minute digital answering machine, and more.

It rounds its rich feature set off with great call quality and 20+ hours of talk time on the battery.


2. BT 4000

Next up we've got the BT 4000 cordless phone, sometimes known as the Big Button Cordless. It does indeed have some large, oversized buttons which are easy to see and great for anyone with poor vision or low dexterity. A few other neat features make this quite a senior-friendly device, such as its Amplify feature to boost call volume on both the speaker and microphone, and hearing aid compatibility to allow the phone to utilise a hearing aid speaker for dramatic improvements in audibility for hearing aid users.


3. BT Inspire 1500

The BT Inspire 1500 is your basic cordless phone, but it is definitely a noteworthy iteration of some classic cordless phone tropes.


  • a 1-touch loudspeaker for hands free operation or conference calling,
  • an integrated digital answering machine with 27 minutes of recording time,
  • 12 hours of talk time and 120 hours standby battery life,
  • a 2.5mm headset socket,
  • 100-entry phone book and backlit LCD,

the Inspire 1500 is jam packed with everything necessary to be the one-stop solution to your home phone needs.


4. BT 6500

Like our first pick on this list, the BT 6500 cordless phone features a range of useful nuisance call blocking features designed to prevent unwanted calls at inopportune moments. Its also loaded with must-have features, like:

  • a huge 200 contact phone book,
  • super-useful visual voicemail,
  • 30-minute digital answering machine,
  • and an easy-to-use design immediately familiar to anyone.


5. BT 2000

Last on our list is the BT 2000 cordless phone. This is an extremely spartan device – minimalist, utilitarian in every respect, it does its job and does it well. A master of one trade, jack of none, the BT 2000 is equipped with a 50 entry phone book and a Do Not Disturb mode to prevent incoming calls when you want a little bit of peace and quiet. The simplicity of its design has made the BT 2000 rugged, and it is certainly capable of taking a beating.


That's All Folks!

If you didn't find the BT phone which excites you in all the right ways on this list, check out their other offerings over at the liGo store, where you'll find plenty of BT devices as well as a long list of other manufacturers excellent offerings!