Finding the perfect pair of binoculars is not always about looking for the most powerful magnification. The size of the binoculars should always be an important factor to consider before making your purchase. Choosing a pair of binoculars designed to fit in to your pocket can be the optimal choice. Whether it be hiking or participating in bird watching, there are many advantages for opting for smaller binoculars.

There are many options out there that it can be hard to find out which one is the most suitable. Thankfully, this guide is here to help detail the best mini binoculars designed to fit in to your pocket.


1. Viking Badger 8x25 Binoculars (£74.95)

  • 8x Magnification Optics - Perfect for bird watching
  • Rubber-armour design for durability
  • Small, compact build which is perfect for travelling
  • Includes rain guard, carry case, and strap

First up, we have the Viking Badger 8x25 binoculars. A perfect combination of  high quality optics paired with a compact build design. Built to withstand all weather conditions thanks to the multi-coated lenses and waterproof coating. This is the perfect choice for all avid bird watchers out there.

Quality is key for Viking. Multi-coated optics ensure that light loss is kept to a minimum and the image quality is clear. Nitrogen-filled lenses prevent fogging from disrupting the view and makes them a viable choice for all weather conditions. To add to this, they offer a 6.8° field-of-view which is the equivalent of 119m at a 1km distance.

Designed to not only be durable, but compact and portable as well. The rubber-armour design and waterproof finish will protect this from the elements whilst still being easy to grip on to. Additionally, this comes included with accessories including a rain guard and a carry case for extra protection. Easily portable and small enough to fit in to your pocket; it is clear to see why the Viking Badger has made it on to the list.

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2. Viking Navigo 8x32 Binoculars (£199.95)

  • Magnesium-alloy build with compact design
  • Nitrogen-filled lenses to prevent fogging
  • 8.3° field-of-view - Close focus of 2 metres
  • High quality optics with 8x magnification

Next up, we have the Viking Navigo 8x32 binoculars. Perfect for a multitude of tasks thanks to the lightweight compact design which is paired with high quality optics. Complete with large eye-pieces and a close focus 2 metre zoom. This is a great choice whether you are hiking or observing wildlife.

The Navigo continues the tradition of high quality that we have come to expect from the Viking brand. Offering a 8.3° field-of-view with a close focus zoom, the Navigo is extremely adaptable to the environment. Pairing this with the nitrogen-filled lenses will ensure that the image quality is crystal clear at all times. Additionally, an eye-relief of 16.9mm provides comfort for long-term use.

Being portable is a key factor for binoculars. Thankfully, the Navigo offers a compact design that does not sacrifice on build-quality. Magnesium-alloy build design ensures that it is durable and able to withstand all conditions. Finally, the compact size means that it can fit in to your pocket with ease. No matter where you take the Navigo, it will be ready and up for the task.

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3. Celestron TrailSeeker 8x32 Binoculars (£149.99)

  • Magnesium-Alloy Build Design; durable build that is lightweight and compact
  • BaK-4 Prisms with Phase and Dielectric Coatings
  • Wide Field of View for easier tracking
  • Comes included with carry case that will fit in to an oversized pocket

The TrailSeeker is the first entry on the list from Celestron. They aim to deliver a high-level performance at an affordable price, whilst ensuring that the design is compact. They have managed to achieve this, and with some style too.

For example, increased light transmissions through the lenses help to create a perfectly clear image. Made possible due to the BAK-4 Prism design available with the TrailSeeker. Contrast and resolution are also increased due to the phase coating that has been applied. Finally, the multi-coated optics completes the package and ensures that image quality is at its highest.

In addition to this, the magnesium-alloy build allows for a lightweight but durable design that will last a lifetime. Also included are metal twist-up eyecups which provide extra comfort for all users - including spectacle wearers - ensuring that comfort and ease of use are still prioritised. Lastly, this comes included with a carry case which makes them easily portable. Sized well enough to fit in to your pocket without any trouble, the TrailSeeker is a fantastic choice for those who are constantly on the move.

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4. Celestron Nature DX 8x32 Binoculars (£99.99)

  • Rubber-armour design with waterproof finish
  • Multi-coated optics to create a brighter and clearer image
  • Fitted with BAK-4 Prisms
  • Compact design that will fit in to an oversized pocket

Next on the list of our best portable binoculars, we have the Celestron Nature DX 8x32 binoculars. A perfect introduction in to the world of high quality performance optics at an affordable price. These are the perfect companion for your next big outdoor adventure.

Quality is at the forefront with the Celestron Nature DX. This offers build quality that will not be available with many other entry-level models.

For example, contrast and image resolution have been enhanced with the introduction of the phase coated BAK-4 prisms. Additionally, this has been paired with multi-coated lenses to provide the highest quality of image. This ensures that light transmission through the optics is at its maximum. This makes them perfect for use even in low-light conditions. Finally, the Celestron Nature DX strikes the perfect balance between wide field-of-view and a close focus of 6.5 feet.

Polycarbonate build material protects the binoculars from damage, yet still allows them to be efficiently lightweight and portable. Perfectly sized to fit in to your pocket for easy transportation, this is a popular choice with bird watching enthusiasts.

Suited for both beginners and intermediate users, the Celestron Nature DX 8x32 ticks all of the boxes. High quality optics paired with a build design that is durable and resistant to all weather conditions. Lightweight and portable, it is the ideal introduction to the world of binoculars.

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5. Viking Badger Cub 8x21 Binoculars (£34.99)

  • Powerful 8x magnification
  • Compact lightweight build
  • Designed to be child friendly
  • Carry case and wrist-strap included

Perfectly suited to be taken anywhere you go, these are the very definition of mini binoculars. Designed to be affordable and child-friendly, the Viking Badger Cub 8x21 Binoculars combine powerful optics with a lightweight design. The perfect introduction for any budding bird watching enthusiast.

To begin, these binoculars only weigh 144 grams and have a total measurement of 79mm. However, they offer a powerful 8x magnification zoom and a 7.1° field-of-view. This is accompanied by a 10.50mm eye-relief to provide comfort when in use. With all things considered, it is clear to see why the Viking Badger Cub is a fantastic option for kids.

These mini binoculars are designed to be easy to carry and store in your pocket. Built to be portable and readily available for your next adventure. On top of this, they also come included with a carry case and wrist-strap.

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What other options are available?


If you are still looking for something more compact and pocket-friendly, then consider opting for a monocular. These are fantastic alternatives to binoculars which still offer the same functionality with a reduced size. Available in a range of magnifications and sizes, they are perfect for keeping in your pocket.

The Viking Cygnus 10x42 Monocular (£48.95) is the perfect example of this. This introduces the same high quality that is expected from Viking in a more compact size. Designed with multi-coated optics and a waterproof finish, this is excellent for all environments.

Easily portable and ready to fit in to any size of pocket, this is an excellent alternative to a pair of binoculars. This monocular also comes with a carry case and strap included. Designed to be used on the move and stored away until you are ready for your next adventure.

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