Whether you are working from the office or currently working from home, choosing the right phone system is crucial. Finding the perfect phone system which fits all of your needs can feel like an impossible task. There are so many options available which offer different designs and features. Identifying which one is most suited to your work environment is key.

There are many factors that will determine which phone is the right choice for you. Sound quality is the most important factor that will need to be considered. Clear and defined audio quality is essential for any business. Brands such as Gigaset and Panasonic make this a priority throughout the design of their products.

You will also need to consider the type of connection that the phones use. An analogue connection is the most common, and the majority of phones will use this without any trouble. However, many businesses have switched to VoIP which will require a system which has been purposely designed for this. Many modern phone systems offer a hybrid solution and will be able to operate on both lines.

Finally, consider what devices you are using alongside the phone. Whether this is a headset or conference speaker, you will need to ensure that they are compatible. This will vary depending on the connection of the device that you are using.


1. Siemens Gigaset DX800A Multiline Desktop Phone for Landline and VOIP (£164.99)

  • Large TFT colour display and exceptional HD sound
  • Designed to work with both analogue and VoIP
  • Directory that holds 1000 contacts
  • Includes three answer machines offering 55 minutes of recording time

Ideally suited to either office or home environments, the DX800A offers flexibility that is not available on many other models. Designed to work with both analogue and VoIP lines with four parallel calls, this hybrid corded phone sets the benchmark. If you are looking for a phone that offers both luxurious style and performance, then this is the phone for you.

Offering the flexibility between analogue and VoIP, the DX800A has the capacity for six SIP accounts with four calls simultaneously. Furthermore, it is possible to connect a mobile device via Bluetooth connection or the Link2Mobile feature which is available. Linking the mobile in to the system will forward any mobile calls to the landline. The ability to fully integrate different devices in to the DX800A creates a fully centralised work system. Perfectly suited for small work environments.

Regardless of which line you are using, you can expect a highly defined quality of sound. Those that use the VoIP line will find an enhanced sound quality due to the introduction of High Definition Sound Performance (HDSP) technology. Additionally, the DX800A boasts excellent hands-free options including a loudspeaker and connections for a corded (2.5mm) or Bluetooth headset.

Finally, it is important to note that the DX800A is available in a number of bundles. These bundles include additional cordless handsets that can connect with the main corded unit. This helps provides an additional level of flexibility with the phone system, and allows for free-flowing calls to take place without causing any disruption.

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2. Siemens Gigaset SL450A GO Cordless Phone (£109.99)

  • Excellent HD Sound Quality
  • Bluetooth 2.0 and micro-USB for data synchronisation with PC
  • Compatible with both analogue and VoIP connections
  • Storage for 500 contacts with 3 number entries per contact

Providing a perfect combination of high-quality build design and superb sound quality, this phone brings it all. Fully equipped with top features including future-proof VoIP technology and expandable up to six handsets. The Siemens Gigaset SL450A GO brings a new level of class to the cordless handset range.

The inclusion of Gigaset's High Definition Sound Performance (HDSP) technology allows for sound quality to be crisp and defined. Pairing this with a frequency band that is twice that of a standard cordless phone, this handset provides unparalleled quality. Designed to enhance natural voice tones and reduce distortion in the background for extreme clarity.

Optimised to connect with a wide range of devices, this is the perfect handset for any office. Contact synchronisation between the handset and mobile devices is fast and efficient. This is available through the Gigaset QuickSync app which provides a hassle-free process to share all mobile contacts to the handset. Additionally, the handset offers different connections for a variety of headsets. Whether you are using a wired or wireless headset, this will be able to connect directly with the Gigaset SL450A.

Finally, the Gigaset SL450A offers an ECO-friendly mode to help reduce all radiation. When not in use, the handset will not emit any radiation when this feature is active. This will work during calls by limiting the radiation emitted depending on how close the handset is to the base. The shorter the distance between the handset and the base unit, the lower the radiation emissions will be.

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3. Siemens Gigaset S850A GO Professional VoIP Cordless Phone (£94.99)

  • Excellent acoustics with quickly adjustable audio profiles
  • Designed for both analogue landlines and VoIP
  • Contact synchronisation between PC and mobile devices
  • Nuisance Call Block list available to stop unwanted calls

Manufactured to the highest quality, the Gigaset S850A GO offers a stylish handset that matches its performance. Pairing the large 1.8'' colour display with exceptional sound quality which Gigaset have become renowned for. Providing the perfect balance between high-quality build and defined audio performance.

This system comes equipped with HDSP technology to ensure that call quality at the maximum. Whether you are operating on the analogue line or through VoIP, you can guarantee that the audio will be defined and clear. The S850A GO is also completely compatible with the majority of devices and this allows for easy connection and synchronisation. This includes wired or wireless headsets, and most devices that connect via Bluetooth.

Offering a large contact memory storage, the Gigaset S850A provides a directory which can list 500 contact entries. The contact information is completely customisable and the user can upload and assign pictures to the contact entry. This also includes full access to the call history on the phone with each call full detailed with relevant information. Additionally, the S850A GO provides Nuisance Call Blocking features to help limit any unwanted incoming calls. This provides users with a list where they can add numbers to and this will instantly block them.

The Gigaset S850A is available in two different setups. The GO version is suitable for both VoIP and analogue. However, if you do not have a VoIP system available, then it may worth looking at the standard version. These two phones are identical and the only difference lies in the type of connection that they can operate on.

Siemens Gigaset S850A Premium Cordless Phone (£74.99)

This phone system is nearly identical to the GO version which has been listed above. However, the base unit supplied with the two models is different and this impacts how the systems operate. The GO version has a base unit which is separate from the phone and allows for VoIP calls. The standard S850A base unit connects through the analogue telephone connection and will not offer any VoIP service. Therefore, if you work within an office that only supplies an analogue connection, the standard version would be recommended.

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4. Siemens Gigaset Premium C570A Cordless Phone (£69.99) 

  • Best-in-class full duplex loudspeaker with HD sound
  • Large 2.2'' TFT colour display with modern interface
  • Nuisance Call Blocker and Anonymous Call Block
  • Plug-and-play installation setup

Experience call audio like you've never experienced before with the Siemens Gigaset C570A. This is the latest release within the Gigaset range and focuses on maximising the sound quality and overall user experience. Whilst this may not be as feature-rich as previous models, it more than makes up for this with the design and performance that it offers.

Sound quality and performance are a key component of Gigaset's design and manufacturing. The Gigaset C570A handset is no exception. Conversations are consistently crystal-clear and defined. Controlling the volume is easily adjustable at any time and sound profiles can be personalised. These acoustic profiles help balance frequency levels to optimise your listening experience.

Providing a contact directory that can store 200 contact entries, this handset offers a modest memory storage. Each contact listing can store three numbers for increased storage. In addition to this, a speed dial feature is available on the handset to make calling more efficient.

Finally, ECO-friendly mode is available to help reduce all radiation. When the handset is not in use, the handset will not emit any radiation when this feature is active. This will work during calls by limiting the radiation emitted depending on how close the handset is to the base. The shorter the distance between the handset and the base unit, the lower the radiation emissions will be.

Why choose the Siemens Gigaset C570A over the alternatives? Purposely designed to be simple and limited in features, the key focus with this handset is on the sound quality. Perfectly suited for those that work in a small office and require something more streamlined.

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5. Panasonic KX-TGF320 Corded & Cordless Phone (£74.99)

  • Corded phone with additional cordless handsets
  • 3 one-touch dialling buttons
  • Corded unit can take batteries to power this during a power cut
  • Nuisance Call Blocker and Do Not Disturb mode

Perfectly suited for office or home use, the Panasonic KX-TGF320 offers a balance of reliability and quality. Providing an integrated answer machine, exceptional sound quality, and plug-and-play setup. This phone system provides you with everything you could possibly need.

Well known for reliability and performance, this system from Panasonic is no different. Both the corded and cordless handsets offer large interfaces for easy reading. The display which is present on the corded system is adjustable for optimal positioning. In addition to this, the phone system also offers three programmable one-touch buttons for your priority contacts.

Nuisance Call Blocking has never been easier. Entering individual numbers or a group of numbers (07/08) can be permanently stopped from reaching you. Additionally, Panasonic have included a one-touch button to add unwanted caller's numbers in to the block list. A 'Do Not Disturb' mode is also available on the phone to limit calls during a certain time of the day.

Finally, the KX-TGF320 can operate on batteries rather than running on the main power supply. If a power cut were to happen, the phone system would remain online and can still operate. This is a rather unique feature that is only available with this phone system.

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