It's time for another one of our top 5 round ups! This time we'll dive into our catalogue to select for our readers the top 5 audio baby monitors.

1. Philips AVENT SCD505


First on our list is this offering from Philips, which is in many ways bare-bones. But with an audio baby monitor, all you need is some basic controls and as long as it works, the frills are extraneous.

The Philips AVENT SCD505 baby monitor holds true to that, packing a lot of functionality in an easy to use device. Features include a talk back button for two way communication, 330 metres of wireless range from the parent unit, LED sound level indicators, nightlight and selection of lullabies both of which can be controlled remotely.

All in all, a great bargain at just £39.99 and a workhorse of a device.


2. Motorola MBP 11


Much like our last selection, the Motorola MBP 11 baby monitor is a pretty simple device. In fact, compared to the SCD505, it is pretty spartan!

What makes the MBP 11 special is its powerful high sensitivity microphone which can pick up every detail, every squeak and gurgle so parents can listen in on every sound and never miss a moment. Highly visible green and red LED sound indicators can keep you alerted to the noise level in the nursery even if the MBP 11's speaker is disabled.

Operating on DECT protocols, the MBP 11 has a whopping 300 metre range. All for under £30.


3. BT Baby Monitor 350


The BT Baby Monitor 350 has quite a lot of features in it, especially compared to our two offerings above. One of the most exciting for baby is the built in light show, which projects colourful images of moons and stars onto nearby surfaces to give baby a bit of a visual spectacle when they're put down for bedtime. Combined with the built in nightlight and selection of 18 lullabies, the BT Baby Monitor 350 can be quite the soothing addition to any nursery.

Its high definition audio and long wireless range let parents rest easier, too, knowing they always have an ear in the nursery. Temperature readout is also available on the parent unit, letting them know what temperature it is within the nursery.


4. Gigaset PA330

Gigaset PA330 Parent Unit Gigaset PA330 Parent Unit

The Siemens Gigaset PA330 baby monitor is as simple as it gets. Why is it on this list?

Because it works, and works well.

Without a single unnecessary bell or whistle, the PA330 is great at getting the job done and offers wonderful audio quality, LED noise indicators and a connection monitoring alarm to let you know if you've gone out of its 50 meter indoor range. The included VOX setting is useful and only allows loud noises to be transmitted, so the monitor won't kick on unless baby is crying.


5. Philips AVENT SCD580


The Philips AVENT SCD580 baby monitor is a member of Philip's line of premium baby monitors. Much like the BT Baby Monitor 350 above, it includes a wide range of features for both parents and baby, such as a nightlight and a colourful projection light show.

But where other entries on our list have some pre-programmed lullabies, usually a selection of MIDI music sometimes of questionable quality, the SCD580 has an MP3 plug and play, allowing you to put on any tune desired to lull the little one to sleep, or as a music station for play time!

The parent unit includes talk back feature, temperature and humidity monitor, and a 50 metre indoor wireless range.

Or Something Completely Different!

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