Always evolving and adding new possibilities to its repertoire is the world of smartphones, tablets and their many apps. Omnipresent, for every generation and even on cordless phones. Below, we'll take a look at five of the latest and greatest apps available this week.

1. Learnist

In a clever attempt to find a synergy between social media and education is the Learnist app for iOS 8.0 and it’s Android counterpart. Learnist invites users to share and catalogue all of the information they learn as they browse the vast archives of the internet.

app learnist

Acting as a social media platform, the Learnist app takes data from users such as links and text and asks them what they learned from the material provided. This data is then shared with other users on the platform who can browse through all of the in-depth information compiled by experts, scholars, researchers and the just plain curious.

2. SwiftKey Keyboard

Intelligently adapting to your typing style and word usage, the SwiftKey Keyboard helps to reduce keystrokes and improve efficiency while using your iOS device. It does this by paying careful attention to your vocabulary, common typos, patterns in your typing and other pertinent data.

Swiftkey Use-1 app

This information is compiled and used to improve the suggestions made by auto-correct and overall make typing more accurate. With SwiftKey Flow, you can even type by moving your finger from letter to letter, something familiar to users who may have used Swype on their Android phones.

3. StudyCal

StudyCal is an iOS exclusive all-in-one student planner which allows users to intelligently track their academic progress throughout the year. Using StudyCal, students can track their GPA, create calendars based on semesters or subdivisions of semesters, add notes with text and photo, create entries for individual assignments and tests, and much more.

studycal index app

Easily set up your entire academic career from the palm of your hand! StudyCal can allow a constant track of GPA, letting you calculate with precision the scores of each assignment.

4. Wikipanion

Wikipanion is yet again an iOS exclusive application that helps to get the most out of the vast stores of information on Wikipedia. Easily queue articles for later reading, download entries for offline reading, and even load pages you're planning to read next while still on the initial page.

wikipanion app

5. Slice Smart Shopping Assistantapp2

Acting as a one-stop, do-it-all shopping assistant for iOS and Android, Slice has a huge array of features.

Keep track of purchases, get informed of price-cuts or competitive rates, track shipments, save receipts, be alerted of product recalls, scan bar codes and more all from a single app.


This is all for this week’s Top Apps, see you next week!