Hey liGo readers! It's time for another look at the top 5 apps for Android and iOS this week. Below, we'll give you a brief run down on the highlights of those apps which really piqued our interest this week.

YoWindow – For Android and iOS YoWindow

There is definitely no shortage of different weather apps for smart phones, from 5-day forecasts to dedicated storm trackers and all-in-one weather apps. In a world where it seems like every local television station has its own weather app, YoWindow has managed to innovate.

Providing you a with a digital window to the outside world, YoWindow provides a live and up-to-date picture of weather conditions, forecasts, sunrise/sunset time and other interesting meteorological data in the form of an eye-catching animated landscape. The landscape displayed by YoWindow changes as weather conditions change and it even has a sunrise and sunset precisely calibrated to your timezone.

Rove – For Android and iOS

Rove_largeAllowing your smart phone to act as a sort of automatic digital diary, Rove is an intriguing little app which tracks where your phone finds itself throughout the day and organises a digital journal of your activities. Using Rove, you can easily see everywhere you went throughout the day – you can look at any pictures you took at a specific time or location, makes notes on specific entries and more.

Rove can help you remember where you got that fantastic gyro sandwich, or give you an interesting log of your activity to analyse, or provide you with hours of fun retracing your steps from months or even years prior, taking a stroll down memory lane.

SpinMe Alarm Clock – For Android and iOS


SpinMe has a simple philosophy: make the alarm clock a little more annoying, a little harder to deal with, and maybe people will actually get out of bed. To do this, SpinMe takes advantage of your phones motion-sensing features like its accelerometer and gyroscope to make you actually get up and spin yourself around three times before the phone will deactivate your alarm. Helpful for those who have real trouble getting up, but maybe a little obnoxious for self-starters.

Snowball_largeSnowball – For Android

Snowball is a little app which hopes to help you simplify your social networks experience. Snowball combines notifications and messages from a variety of services (Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Snapchat, SMS, Hangouts, Twitter, Line, WeChat, and Slack) into a single inbox with a single interface. Instead of trying to keep up with 3 or 5 different apps in different parts of your phone, you can simply take a glance at Snowball and be fully up to date on all your communications.

MiFlight – For iOSMiFlight_large

MiFlight is an interesting idea to make travel a little easier. Users of MiFlight can see how long it takes to check into a specific airport and get past security. MiFlight manages to do this by relying on the help of its network of users, travellers who enter how long their wait at the airport was. Potentially saving hours of time and headaches worth of hassle, MiFlight gives its users a bit of much-needed information to help them schedule their travel plans.

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