Another week has gone by and, as always, the smart phone market has continued to innovate a push the boundaries for what our digital devices can do for us. Let's take a look at the top apps which the authors here at the liGo blog have found particularly engaging and useful this week. We'll examine selections for both Android and iOS devices.

Yik Yak – for Android and iOS

YikYakYik Yak is an interesting social networking app which lets you communicate with users near by. Yik Yak essentially acts like a public message board for an area. With Yik Yak, users can post messages which can be viewed by anyone with the Yik Yak app who is within a certain distance from the physical location where the original post was made. Every post is completely anonymous, generating an open forum local to users areas with complete anonymity, which allows its users to exchange information and chat without knowing who each other are, but being aware they are in relatively close physical proximity.

Emoji – for Android and iOS

EmojiEmoji is an app which allows you to send Emoji's. Okay – sorry for the circulation definition. Now that I have you wondering “what is an Emoji?” let me take this opportunity to explain. Emjoi's are little graphics, like smiley faces, various icons, and all sorts of other graphics. With the Emoji app installed, users can easily access this library of graphics to easily include them in text messages to add a bit of personality and a little graphical flair to your texts.

WolframAlpha – for Android and iOS

WolframAlphaWolframAlpha is an amazing project developed by Wolfram Research. WolframAlpha aims to be an “answer engine” - simply put, you give it a question, it gives you an answer. Unlike a traditional search engine which seeks to identify search terms to (hopefully) pull up some documents that might answer a question, WolframAlpha aims to take actual questions and provide real answers. While this is a massive challenge and much work is still needed to get a true natural language answer engine, Wolfram Research has already succeeded in making an incredible piece of software capable of providing huge amounts of information on a variety of topics.

Ifttt – for Android and iOS

IFTTT“ifttt” - uhm, gesundheit? No, its an acronym, silly! Short for “if this, then that” ifttt is one of the most remarkably useful apps available, ever. Based on a service which had its origins on a website back in 2012, ifttt is capable of automating a variety of smartphone services based on certain events. For example, if a Facebook friend tags you in a post, you can instantly send an automated reply. If the DOW price drops below a certain level, you can automatically receive a text alert. Just about any process you want to automate, iftt can help. It's so simply to use with the app's intuitive interface and easy-to-navigate drop-down menus.

TapPath – for Android

TapPathTapPath is a neat little app which adds a bit of additional functionality to your Android device. It allows you to control the actions performed when clicking on a web link based on the number of times the link is tapped. By default, one tap opens LinkBubble, two opens Chrome, and three opens the share menu. These defaults can be changed as desired.

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