Below we'll take a look at the Top 5 Apps we've spotted this week for both Android and iOS.

Who Sampled

Who Sampled is a neat little app which allows you to track music samples. Who Sampled uses their system of “musical DNA” to track various samples of songs throughout their usage. With Who Sampled, you can see where a piece was sampled, who it was sampled from originally, where the sample has been used, easily find remixes of songs and more.


It does all this by accessing the supposedly “worlds largest database of sampled music.” Using Who Sampled, you can quickly get lost in a journey of musical discovery, finding new artists and interesting remixes, or spend hours tracking through the history of samples to see how they were used, where they came from and how they evolved.

Goat Simulator

Goat Simulator is a wonderful, bizarre, quirky little app. As the name implies, it is indeed a goat simulator: placing the user in control of a digital goat, whose goal is destruction. Enjoy the games ridiculous physics as you tear through the open world as a goat, wreaking havoc where ever you find yourself!


In the end, Goat Simulator is a pointless distraction, but great for a laugh or a few minutes of entertainment now and then.

Super Better

Super Better takes some of the elements of a video game and some of the elements of a personal organiser and fuses them into an intriguing new blend. With Super Better, users input their real life goals and to-do lists and Super Better takes that data and forms it into a somewhat whimsical game which allows the user to level up and complete quests as they accomplish their tasks and check them off the list.


Super Better is largely geared towards health and fitness goals, although its framework can be used for a lot of different approaches.


Horizon is a simple app which performs a powerful and important function. Simply put, Horizon always keeps your video recordings in the same orientation. Horizon works by dynamically adjusting the phones video to make sure it is locked in one of three shooting orientations and always stays level.


This means, even if you start recording in portrait, if your phone is locked to landscape it will still record in landscape. Even if you move your phone half way through the video, it will continue recording in the set orientation.

Circa News

Circa News is an app which condenses the news down into an easily digestible format which gives you a good picture of current events at a glance. Perfect for anyone with little time to spare, Circa News keeps you up to date and in the know even on the go.


If you want to pursue stories with a little more depth, you can easily delve into the full articles or use the “follow story” feature to continuously receive updates and information as stories develop over the days and weeks.

That's all for this week’s Top 5 Apps of the Week, see you next week!