Below, we'll take a quick look at our run down of this weeks 5 best iOS apps that we got to demo!

5. Living Earth – Clock And Weather

The core of Living Earth is a gorgeous 3D display of Earth which is both live and interactive. Displaying the live globe on your phone, Living Earth represents a 3D model of actual weather activity and collects data from major weather services. Take a glance at cloud formations, storms, hurricanes making their way through the oceans and more.

Living Earth has features to track interesting developments such as typhoons and hurricanes, providing live and up-to-date information on weather conditions. Easily view specific weather information for any area of the globe, including high/low temperatures, weather advisories, forecast and more. Also acts as an interactive world clock, letting you know the time where ever you select.


4. Elevate Brain Training

Combining tested and vetted methods for improving memory, focus, math and verbal skills, speaking ability, and more with an enjoyable video game-esque experience, Elevate is a helpful and entertaining app. Included is over 20 games which engage and improve cognitive abilities. The app manages to do all this in a sleek and feature rich package which tracks your progress and goals and helps to work out an ideal training program for your personalised needs.


3. ScribbleBoard

ScribbleBoard is a neat, whimsical little app for iOS 8. With ScribbleBoard, you can easily access a little “doodle pad” where you can draw straight into your devices screen with your finger. The results can easily be saved to your camera roll for later use or sent off in a text message or e-mail. With ScribbleBoard, you can just as easily draw a picture as write a text message. Easily colour and erase your picture as you please for a bit of added personality.


2. Jelly

Jelly is a social networking app which helps to enable communications through varied mediums. Utilising a combination of maps, images and text, Jelly users can post or answer questions using these various mediums. Map questions can be answered by drawing directions or dropping pins, while image questions can be answered by drawing on the image itself. Either can be supplemented with some explanatory text.


1. Storehouse

Storehouse is an app which allows users to create a story which utilises photos, videos and text and blends them into a seamless story telling experience. With Storehouse, users can share with their friends a rich multimedia experience purely captured from their iOS device and rendered into an enjoyable compilation with the help of Storehouse. Once you've completed your story, it can be easily shared via social networking, posted to blogs or shared with the large integrated Storehouse network.


Quickly becoming a part of our daily life, apps are breaking out into the physical world as appcessories!