When buying a cordless landline telephone, there are different things that one must take into consideration, including ease of use, call clarity, and the phone’s features. Depending on the primary use of the phone, you may also consider its compatibility with various common accessories for extra convenience.

Some of the top accessories for cordless phones include:

RTX1. RTX Repeater

Repeaters are used to boost the range of compatible cordless phones to cover areas where reception was previously unavailable. Generally, any cordless phone that complies with the DECT standard is compatible with an RTX repeater, which is, in turn, transparent to the base unit and handset, allowing all original functions between the two to be supported through the repeater via wireless signals, without the user noticing any difference.

2. Gigaset L410

Looking to move freely with greater flexibility and mobility while you call?

The L410 by Siemens Gigaset is a world-first in its concepts; a hands-free clip for cordless phones that conveniently clips to your attire and lets you take calls directly on the clip or transfer calls from the handset.

It doubles as an extra handset for any type of cordless phone – since it is GAP compliant - allowing to multi-task when making and receiving calls without compromising on the high quality sound.


3. GN9120 DG

Another hands-free solution, the GN Netcom GN 9120 DG Wireless Headset is a wireless headset solution that enhances your telephoning comfort while allowing you to enjoy the merits of having your hands free.

The GN 9120 DG headset is compatible with all cordless DECT phones, has a range of 150m from the base unit, and up to 12-hours of talk time. In addition to hands-free mobility, you get to enjoy outstanding sound quality and safety for all-day use, as it complies with acoustic shock absorption standards that seek to eliminate overly-loud sounds.


4. Plantronics M175

Another headset solution for use in a variety of settings with select DECT phones, the Plantronics M175 Headset is a sleek headset for devices with 2.5mm ports for headsets and multiple wearing options.

Like other Plantronics headsets, the M175 lets you carry on talking in the office, the car, at home, or wherever else you are. Your hearing is protected owing to the advanced speaker technology, while the 3-position mic switch facilitates greater compatibility.


5. RTX Wireless Phone Jacks

A wireless phone Jack from RTX is another useful solution for those looking to add an extra, flexible analog phone line without installing new wiring. It employs DECT technology so the base unit is compatible with GAP handsets; offers high wireless modern signals; allows connection of up to 4 extension units to each base unit; and allows auto conference calls between handsets.

This is the ideal cordless solution for phones, fax machines, modems, satellite receivers, or other devices that require a phone connection.

Accessories are designed to enhance user convenience, without compromising on sound quality or user experience, and these 5 are the most used solutions for cordless phones.jack_trio_large