Two-Way radios are certainly a device which is accommodating to those on a budget. Since they are completely free to operate and require no licensing or registration, the only barrier to entry is the price of the device.

But thanks to modern production techniques, clever engineering and quality products, it is possible to get some exceptional devices even in the sub-£50 range. Below, we've compiled a list of five such bargains in our Top 5 2-Way Radios For Under £50 round up.

5. Binatone Terrain 750 - £39.99

First up we're featuring the Binatone Terrain 750 2-way radio. Packed with features, this is a fully rechargeable set of two-way radios which also includes the base/charging station unit. Offering a maximum range of 8 kilometres (subject to variation based on terrain,) the Terrain 750 provides more than enough coverage to keep you in touch with your party even on long hikes.

VOX technology allows for hands-free operation, and the different combinations of sub-channels enable the Terrain 750 to utilise a total of 968 channels. The devices LCD screen provides useful information about signal strength and battery life.



4. Binatone Latitude 150 - £29.99

Another rechargeable offering from Binatone, the Latitude 150 doesn't quite pack all of the features of the Terrain 750, but is still a formidable set of two-way radios. The Binatone Latitude 150 2-way radio's most notable features:

  • a range of up to 3 kilometres
  • can access 8 channels
  • includes a scan feature to look for activity on its available channels.

The included belt-clip makes for easy storage and access on the move.



3. Motorola TLKR T40 Quad - £44.99

Next up is the Motorola TLKR T40 Quad 2-way radio, which is quite a rugged device especially for its fairly low price point.

Designed to be highly reliable and perform well even in harsh conditions, the TLKR T40 is above all a dependable device. Which is good, because its feature set seems rather spartan, especially when stacked against something like the Terrain 750. But the features it does have it performs quite well, and they are everything you need: 4 kilometre range, 8 channels, monochrome LCD, belt-clip and Roger beep.

At just  £44.99 for 4 of these bad boys, it is quite a steal and ideal for anyone outfitting a larger hiking group or any other event requiring four or more radios.

Motorola TLKR T40 2


2. Motorola TLKR T60 - £44.99

More or less the TLKR T40's big brother, the Motorola TLKR T60 2-way radio has the same sturdy construction and quality design which won the T40 its spot on this list, but also packs in a few more bells and whistles into the package. The T60 has a whopping 8 kilometre range and can access up to 8 channels with 121 available codes.

The LCD screen includes a back light so it can be used even in the dark or low-light conditions. VOX hands-free technology lets you use the device without impairing your hands, great for staying in touch on the go.



1. Doro WT87 - £41.99

Lastly and "firstly" on our list is the Doro WT87 2-way radio, which has numerous interesting features including a massive 10 kilometre range, the longest on our list. Other treats the WT87 has in store include

  • a back lit LCD,
  • automatic squelch,
  • quality rechargeable batteries
  • and charging base station.

It can access 8 channels with up to 300 channel/sub-channel combinations. All this at the bargain price of £41.99.


That's All, Folks!

That concludes our top 5 this time. See you next time, or check out some of our past 2-way radio articles!