These days, phones offer more than just fulfilling the office or home communications needs; they are also a form of fashion statement. The following unusual phones offer a stylish way to stay in touch:

iDECT EclipseiDECTeclipse_large

The iDect Eclipse has an eye-catching design characterised by the complete loop formed by the base unit and handset. This phone can be easily mistaken for an elegant piece of modern art, like when a visitor asks to use your phone, though it is much more practical.

It is faultless with a simple set up process that allows you to place the small flat base anywhere within range. The iDect Eclipse twin features a hands-free facility speakerphone, can store up to 200 numbers, provides up to 13 hours of talk-time, and can last up to 210 hours on standby.

UrbanHello Home Phone

This is a bizarrely attractive home phone that features an innovative and award-winning design. The UrbanHello home phone looks like a high-tech flower vase, except for the patented tech that gives it the ability to automatically switch to an intuitive hands-free mode, transmitting high-definition sound at 360 degrees. So, when you place this phone down on a desk or table, it immediately switches to hands-free mode, whilst the single-function buttons are positioned at the base of the handset

The phone also gives the user quite a bit of talk-time compared to other home phones and a remarkable 8-day standby time.urbanhello_large


Wild & Wolf 1950s American Diner Phone rangewild&Wolf

First introduced in the 1950s, this American payphone features a classic 3-slot design, though the modern version does not require any dimes, quarters, or nickels, except for a standard BT connection. The 1950s American Diner phone range comes in chrome and cream colours.

It has a genuine rotary look and a long coiled cable that allows you to answer calls at a great distance from the phone base without fears of ripping it off your wall. It also features an original bell mechanism and push-button technology to facilitate faster dialling.

Wild & Wolf Dreyfuss 500

This phone has a solid feel with a well balanced handset. It looks and sounds delightful, with a loud and clear old-fashioned ringtone. The Dreyfuss 500 corded phone has a few modern features to keep up with the needs of the contemporary tech world, while bearing multiple vintage features, like rotary dialling and bell ringer.


The iconic design of the body and separate headset features a balanced combination of delicate curves and regulated creases, whilst the two components are linked by a classic looped cord. For faster dialling, the phone is equipped with push buttons.

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