Two-way radios, lightweight, rugged, and compact, are designed to help you stay in touch with your skiing buddies dispersed all over a mountain. When skiing downhill, especially in avalanche terrain, it is essential to spread your group out, but this often poses communication challenges. Shouting and aggressive gesturing can only go so far in storm conditions, and it is impractical to carry a mobile phone for such an adventure since coverage is likely to be a major issue.

There are many different types of two-way radios on the market, most of which claim to have massive range, long battery life, license free, and harsh weather resistance.

Which ones should you consider?

1. Motorola TLKR T80 Extreme


Motorola is an established brand in this sector, and the Motorola TLKR T80 walkie talkie by Motorola is one of their best devices on the market; rugged and all-weather proof to withstand the harshest of environments. This license free radio has:

  • a range of up to 10km,
  • a monitor,
  • 4 AAA rechargeable batteries with run time of up to 16 hours,
  • an LED torch,
  • vibrate alert,
  • 8 channels and 121 codes,
  • and hands-free operation.

It is a high-standard, easy to use safety device with good mountain range coverage, which makes it a great option for skiing adventures.

2. Cobra MT975


Weighing 159g, running on 4 AAA size rechargeable batteries, and a range of up to 12km with no license fee or call charges, the MT975 two-waay radio by Cobra is a top of the range two-way radio for use on outdoor sports events and family holidays. The MT975 is a great skiing solution for your skiing communication needs. It is as convenient as it is easy to use, and comes packed with useful features, including noise reduction for when you greater range.

You will also appreciate the dual watch facility that allows the user to assess two separate frequency channels for voice clarity simultaneously, as well as VOX mode for automatic transmission upon sound detection without having to press any buttons.

3. Doro WT87


A product from one of the international producers of affordable and user-friendly communication systems, the Doro WT87 two-way radio includes a set of four, two-way radios and headset for your outdoor communication needs for up to 10km, license free. It offers a multitude of channel and sub-channel combinations for privacy during conversations, while the rugged design provides an easy grip. When fully charged, it gives you up to 35 hours on standby and 90 minutes of talk-time.


In terms of product recommendations, the first two two-way radios are the better choice, because you can use them as baby monitors when you are not outdoors. They also have good battery life, useful features, and easier to operate controls.