Quality design has a timeless component to it. While some products are a fleeting phenomenon, those which stand out by virtue of their innovative nature manage to maintain a lasting appeal. This is the concept which has driven many modern phone manufacturers to turn to the past for inspiration, producing stunning replicas and new designs rooted in the aesthetic of years gone by.

This trend has been quite pronounced over recent years, producing a range of exciting options for retro enthusiasts to get their hands on. If you're infatuated with designs of the past, or have a retro themed room in your home, or perhaps are just looking for something a little outside of the box, you will find these old school offerings intriguing.

Below I've done some of the heavy lifting for you, combing through the huge catalogues of retro phones to pick out three of the finest offerings available in 2015.

1. Wild & Wolf 1950s American Diner Phone

This exacting replica produced by Wild & Wolf immediately summons images of classic American cinema, of old time payphones the world over, and a massive wave of nostalgia for anyone who might remember these devices first hand.

Not sparing any details for the replica, the Wild & Wolf 1950s American Diner Phone even includes coin slots  and a change dispenser! Although the actual pay-to-use mechanism is not present, this adds a bit of playful authenticity to the replica. The classic rotary dial has been replaced with a modern touch tone system, but the classic look of the circular rotary dial is preserved.


2. Swissvoice L7

The Swissvoice L7 is certainly an interesting piece. A unique design, the L7 doesn't get its retro appeal by being an exacting replica like our last entry. Instead, the L7 takes some aesthetic sensibilities from devices of the past to make something totally modern which still looks retro.

The “L” shaped device for which the L7 is named gives it an unusual geometry, lending itself to having a free-standing handset. Equipped with speakerphone and intercom system on both the handset and base, the L7 has some atypical design features as well as its unique look.


3. Wild & Wolf 746 1960's Corded Telephone

Finally we have another offering from Wild & Wolf. This is another replica of a classic design. The Wild & Wolf 746 1960's Corded Telephone captures the general aesthetic of the extremely prominent design which was nearly ubiquitous in households across the world during the 1960s. Included in the replica is an old school mechanical bell ringer for that classic ring tone.

As with the American Diner Phone, the rotary dial mechanism has been replaced with touch tone dialling but the look of the rotary dial has been replicated.


What Didn't Make The Cut

If nothing here piques your interest, there are plenty more offerings over at the liGo store which didn't make this short list.