At liGo we have tried numerous headsets over the years, but the models that have been rated as the best for reliability, comfort, and sound have consistently been those manufactured by Plantronics. The headset recommendations we make to our customers is based on our own experiences of use, and as such are confident in our endorsement of Plantronics whose headsets are used globally to service the needs of pilots, call centre staff, mobile professionals, and even astronauts! In point of fact it was via a Plantronics headset that in 1969 a half a billion of the world’s population listened to Neil Armstrong’s first words on the moon!

We take a look at their top 3 wireless headsets at the moment:

1. Plantronics Savi W710

Plantronics W710 Wireless HeadsetThe Savi 700 range benefits from multi-device connectivity, for efficiently managing calls to and from your desk phone, PC and mobile phone. As with all Plantronics headsets the sound quality is dependably clear, and the W710 features Wideband Cat-IQ technology for high-defintion voice quality when using the headset for VOIP calls. And the noise cancelling microphone eliminates background noise so that conversations can be conducted clearly.

Another really useful feature of the W710 is the ability to transfer audio between headset and mobile phone allowing you to leave the office and take the call you are on with you.



Plantronics Voyager Legend CS Wireless Headset

2. Plantronics Voyager Legend CS

A must-have for any workaholic who doesn’t switch off, the Voyager Legend CS has been specifically designed to support you throughout your day (and evening...and night). This lightweight headset is compatible with both mobiles and desk phones, and features Plantronics smart sensor technology, which enables incoming calls to be answered by simply placing the headset on your ear.

The Voyager Legend CS features a precision tuned triple-mic with enhanced DSP for superior noise cancellation, which helps to block out any nearby voices or other disturbances. And for when you’re out and about, the integrated WindSmart® technology provides three layers of protection against interference from wind allowing you to continue your conversations in crystal clear audio.

One of the other benefits of this stylish headset is the facility to listen to streaming media from your mobile phone or tablet.


3. Plantronics CS540

Plantronics CS540 Wireless HeadsetThe Plantronics' CS range has long been serving the needs of office workers, and the latest regeneration - the CS500™ Series features a new lightweight design and improved performance. The CS540 is the lightest DECT™ headset on the market, and is convertible so has 3 different wearing styles to suit the preferences of many. The range on Plantronics Wireless Headsets has always been reliable, and the CS540 allows you to get up to 100 metres from your desk without any sacrifice in sound quality.


For further information on what headset would be suitable for your type of phone, you can always contact our friendly and knowledgeable Customer Services team. Or shop from the full range of Plantronics Wireless Headsets.