The monaural (or one-ear) headset has become a staple of call centres and office environments the world over. Allowing users to be immersed in their calls while still having an ear open for anyone talking to them in person, the monaural headset is a fantastic boon to productivity accompanying the workdays of millions.

Let's take a look at our top 3 selections for the best monaural headsets in our catalogue!

3. Plantronics HW251

Plantronics HW251_wide

• Wide band audio and DSP for super clear and crisp call quality
• Noise-cancelling microphone
• Call handling features on headset (answer/drop call, volume)
• Comfortable over-the-head wear style

Coming in at #3 we have the Plantronics HW251 headset – selected for its excellent sound quality, its durable construction and its comfortable wearability. We find the Plantronics HW251 as an overall exceptional headset, well suited to use in an office environment or a great selection for a primary home use headset.

The easy solution

The simple and straight forward design allows for no confusion, and although the HW251 may not have many bells and whistles it does include some basic call handling features allowing you to answer or drop calls or change the volume of the headset. The adjustable boom microphone incorporates noise-cancelling technology to make sure you always come in clear on the other end of the line, free from buzz, pops or other unwanted sonic intrusions.

This is an ideal selection for anyone looking for something for all-day wear at work. Its rugged versatility makes it more than prepared for the challenges of an office environment. An appealing buy for anyone who wants something simple yet uncompromising in functionality and quality.

2. Jabra Biz 1900


• Extremely affordable
• Flexible boom microphone
• Peakstop acoustic shock prevention

In our second spot we've got the Jabra Biz 1900 headset – a bit more packed with features than the #3 pick, but still exceptionally affordable. Featuring a QD plug for easy removal from a desk phone, the incorporated flexible boom, the noise cancelling microphone, and a comfortable and lightweight design, the Biz 1900 is clearly designed with the professional in mind.

1. Sennheiser CC 510

Sennheiser CC 510_wide

• 300 degree adjustable, flexible microphone boom
• Fantastic Sennheiser sound quality
• Safeguards to prevent acoustic shocks and potentially ear damaging volume fluctuations
• Sennheiser's Ultra Noise Cancelling Technology blocks out unwanted and background noises

This stylish and lightweight offering from Sennheiser is a complete solution for anyone looking for an all-around monaural headset, which is why its made its way to #1 on this round up. Comfortable enough for all day wear and durable enough to perform reliably even after long use, the Sennheiser CC 510 headset definitely stands out from the pack.

Unbeatable call quality

Call quality is exceptional on both ends of the line with the high-quality Sennheiser speaker, the exceptional microphone which blocks out almost all unwanted noise and can be positioned pretty much anywhere in front of the user for the most comfortable and efficient positioning.

For anyone who spends long hours with a headset, an investment in the CC 510 will surely make your day a little better. Great for all-day wear thanks to its comfortable design and featherweight profile, the CC 510 is at home in the professional space or pretty much anywhere else.

Want More?

If you're still shopping, or want to see what else is on the market, take a look at our catalogue of monaural headsets.