Recently, Gigaset has been finding themselves quite decorated with various awards. In light of all this prestige, we thought we should take some time to examine three of their most stylish and luxurious home phones, to delve into their highlights and showcase some of the features that really make these selections pop. Below, we'll have a short synopsis of Gigaset's Top 3 Luxury Designer Phones: Gigaset S795, SL400A and the SL910A.

The Gigaset S795

The Gigaset S795 is definitely on this list at least partially thanks to its incredibly sleek design, which incorporates an eye-catching glossy black finish and a sharply designed handset. But there is much more in store from the S795 than just a pretty face – jam packed with features and at a bargain price, the S795 is sure to please with its integrated digital answering machine, HSP technology for brilliant audio quality, a 500 contact phone book, a colour TFT display, integrated loudspeaker and data synchronisation with USB.

Gigaset S795

On the handset of the S795, we find that each key on the phones keypad is coated with galvanised metal caps – a design choice both your eyes and fingers will appreciate once you've made a call with the S795's handset. This award winning cordless phone has taken home prizes from the iF Awards among other prestigious bodies.

The Gigaset SL400A

On its charging dock, Gigaset's SL400A has a highly modern look, with the phone nestled into a small cavity for it from which the sides of the dock come upwards. This neat look plays host to another one of Gigaset's award-winning cordless phone handsets. Equipped with galvanised metal frame and keypad, and a full colour 1.8” high resolution TFT display, the handset is definitely quite modern at a glance.

Gigaset SL400A

Boasting pretty much all of the features listed above of the S795, the SL400A extends its feature set further still to provide some useful capabilities. The missed call manager includes details on the last 50 missed calls within the phone (accessible via the handsets TFT display) to easily call them back or add the number to the phones 500 contact phone book. Or the caller can opt to leave a message on the SL400A's integrated digital answering machine, which can record up to 45 minutes of messages.

The Gigaset SL910A

The Gigaset SL910A represents Gigaset's attempt to put forward to the world the next evolution of the cordless land line phone. Integrating a 3.2” capacitive touch screen into the phone, the SL910A immediately brings to mind a smart phone upon first glance. The touch screen is surrounded by a high quality galvanised metal frame, making the SL910A a winner in design and construction.


Delving into the SL910A, we find one of the most feature rich cordless phones to ever hit the market. Thanks to the touch screen display, the phone is much more easily navigable than traditional cordless phones which might include a range of options but interaction is limited to buttons on the handset and a small display. The SL910A includes integrated answering machine, BlueTooth capabilities, Do Not Disturb feature to block unwanted calls, VIP contacts to make sure the most important numbers can always reach you, 14 hours of talk time, e-mail or SMS notifications of new messages, two-way recording, call logs, hold with music, and much, much more.

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