Hearing aids are an incredible device enabling millions of sufferers of hearing loss to regain some previous faculties. However, some hearing aid users can find that using a traditional telephone can be somewhat complicated by having a hearing aid in ones ear. To help alleviate this issue, hearing aid compatible phones have been manufactured which incorporate a few design features aimed at improving the user experience of those with hearing aids.

The Wonder Of The Telecoil

A device called a telecoil installed in hearing aids allows them to interface with hearing aid compatible phones. When in use, the telecoil situated within the hearing aid picks up sounds from magnetic signals transmitted by the phone. The sounds are then amplified and produced by the hearing aid for the listener.

Instead of simply amplifying all incoming sounds, like a standard hearing aid would, the telecoil hearing aid actually only picks up the signal from the phone when it is in use, thereby providing a much more crisp and audible listening experience.

The BT 4600

Our first pick for hearing aid compatible phones is the BT 4600. This big button cordless phone was designed with elderly users in mind and has several features which cater to the hard of hearing. The handset is fully hearing aid compatible thanks to an inductive coupler capable of transmitting to a telecoil hearing aid device, as well as the inclusion of a specially designed scalloped ear bowl which allows the phone to fit snugly against the ear even if the hearing aid adds some bulge.

In addition to its hearing aid compatibility, the phone also boasts an amplify button to boost the volume when needed. There is also a loudspeaker, which can be used to talk comfortably hands-free. It is available with up to three handsets.

The Gigaset E560A

Our next choice is a more stylish and premium offering from Gigaset. The Gigaset E560A is jam packed with all the bells and whistles while still remaining hearing aid compatible. The sleek handset is equipped with a brilliant large display, which can be used to navigate the phones many features, such as using the digital answering machine, updating your phone book and utilise the phones range of call handling features.

Further benefits include an “Extra Loud” key for an instant boost in volume, and unique SOS emergency functions designed for more vulnerable disabled or elderly users.

The Doro Comfort 4005

This combined telephone set from Swedish manufacturer Doro offers the best of both worlds with a corded main unit and additional cordless handset. The Doro Comfort 4005 is Hearing Aid compatible and benefits from clear monochrome display and sleek black design, and the corded phone has a boost button for anyone who may need even louder sound.

Whichever phone you might choose, it’s good to know that hearing loss can be reverted at least partially.