There are many considerations when matching a headset to your phone, including your preferred wearing style, noise level of your environment, the amount of time spent exclusively on the phone, the need to communicate with your colleagues or other people while answering a call, and whether to choose a corded or cordless device.

Cordless headsets that use DECT technology to connect to the base are a particularly good option as they have good battery life, enough to last a full-working day with good use, and give you the freedom to move around. When you need to buy a cordless phone with good hands-free loudspeaker, you should consider the following:

1. Gigaset L410L410_large

If you are looking for a hands-free solution that allows you to move around freely while calling at home, then you should invest in the L410 hands-free DECT clip from Gigaset. The L410 offers an advanced level of flexibility, allowing you to talk with ease as you relax on the coach, cook in the kitchen, work at your desk, walk through the garden, or as you do a multitude of other things. All you have to do is clip the wearable speakerphone to your shirt collar or neckline of your top, and you can enjoy hands-free talking in outstanding sound quality.

Besides it being a wearable speakerphone, instead of a headset that rests on your head or ear, the L410 is also designed for intuitive handling, allowing you to transfer calls to the clip from your DECT-GAP handset with a single button click. Alternatively, you can receive calls directly on the clip.

2. Jabra GN9120 DG Headset

Jabra_large1Featuring a mono speaker and elegant, discreet design, the GN9120 DG is a wireless office headset that offers employees full mobility and a host of other advanced functionalities during calls. As the second generation of GN cordless technology, this headset offers a massive range of 150 metres, and 12-hours of talk-time, surpassing all other cordless headsets on the market. It is the perfect solution to convenient hands-free conversing as it lets you do other things while talking on the phone, giving you total flexibility and increased productivity.

The GN9120 DECT-GAP headset is designed for use with cordless DECT phones, and offers remote call answer/end option to receive calls from wherever you are. It can also be paired with your Bluetooth headset. For convenience, the GN9120 offers two wearing options – full adjustable over-the-head style and over-the-ear via a flexible ear hook. Another great feature is the conference call option that allows you to connect up to 4 headsets to a single base simultaneously for conference call purposes.

3. Plantronics M175M175_large

Featuring high performance technologies for sound clarity and range, including a noise cancelling microphone, the corded M175 by Plantronics is a great hands-free phone solution for small businesses or home use. While offering great value for your money, the comfortable and convertible headset can be worn over the ear or over the head.

Besides the appropriateness of the hands-free feature for your needs, there are many other factors that can influence your purchasing decision, such as convenience of wearing styles, talk-time when fully charged, noise cancellation feature, and range of signal.