The Gigaset S795 is another highly stylish and functional offering from Gigaset. Combining a sleek exterior with a feature rich handset and integrated answering machine, the Gigaset S795 is the kind of full featured cordless phone one would select to be a primary house phone or even a useful part of a small business.

Featuring High Sound Performance or HSP technology, the S795 offers the dazzling call quality expected by Gigaset's discerning customers – but besides this essential feature, what other perks does the S795 have in store? Let's take a closer look and examine the top 3 features of the Gigaset S795.

1. Integrated Loudspeaker

On the handset of the S795 we find a high quality loud speaker/speakerphone function which enables hands-free calling as well as conference calling or party chat capabilities, all from a cordless handset.

Employing the same HSP technology for distortion free, precision audio replication, the S795's loudspeaker is crisp and clearly audible even from a distance. The microphone is equally impressive in its capabilities, picking up sound more than adequately to facilitate clear conversations free of confusion and miscommunications.

Gigaset S795

2. Data Synchronisation

The S795 is equipped with a 500 entry phone book, plenty big enough to hold all your friends, family, colleagues, business contacts and even the furthest extensions of your social web. But since managing such a huge project can be a hassle, especially if you maintain contact lists on other devices, Gigaset has included some super-useful time saving features which allow users to seamlessly synchronise their S795's phone book with computer programs such as Outlook.

Using Gigaset's QuickSync software and a mini-USB drive, it takes only a few easy steps to synchronise contact lists between the S795 and Outlook's contact book manager, saving tons of time and hassle programming numbers and changing details.

3. Range

With the coming of the cordless phone, users were finally able to roam free from being literally hardwired into the vast telephone system. But unfortunately, as they quickly learned, you can only wander so far on a cordless phone before the signal begins to give out. In the early days of the cordless phones history, this was a major problem and a limiting factor. As technology has improved leaps and bounds throughout the years, this issue has largely been solved, with cordless phones providing ample range to move throughout most homes and even out into the yard.

In the competition for the greatest range, the S795 is definitely a leading contender. With a 50 metre in door range and up to a massive 300 metres for outdoor usage, the S795 works well to keep you in contact as you move naturally throughout your home or office without worrying about the signal suddenly failing, leaving you with nothing but dead air.


Hopefully this look at the S795 has given you some inkling of what makes up a quality cordless phone and why this particular offering from Gigaset is an exceptional choice. All of the exceptional features of the S795 still manage to maintain a bargain price tag here at liGo.