The introduction of cordless phones saw them replace wired phones as the primary telephone choice for landline users. Wireless phones have numerous benefits, including the option to have up to 6 handsets using a single telephone point, and the freedom to take calls privately around the office or home. At the same time, consumers have been bombarded with so many wireless phones that it can be difficult to find the one that fits your need.

There are different ways to narrow down your search for the perfect cordless phone, like based on the brand, availability of an answering machine, number of handsets, and the availability of special features, such as Bluetooth, wall mounting, loudspeaker, full colour display, and hearing aid compatibility.

One other special feature that may reduce your options is the availability of a touchscreen on your cordless phone. The following are some of the top cordless phones with a touchscreen that you may want to consider.

1. Siemens Gigaset S820A

This is a high performance, stylish, state of the art, cordless DECT phone with an integrated answering machine, featuring a high-quality keypad and 2.4” touchscreen that adds a touch of elegance to the office or home. The large touchscreen is easy to read andGigaset S820A operate, allowing you to keep all vital functions at your fingertips, with the keypad serving as a supplement for simple dialling. You can easily configure the idle screen with six of your most used functions, so they are always ready for use with a single tap on the touchscreen.

This phone boasts an array of advanced features, including Bluetooth capabilities, data synchronisation with Outlook, phonebook with a capacity of 500 contacts, anonymous call blocking, call silencing, forwarding of text messages, and the option for up to 4 handsets, among others. The Gigaset S820A has energy-savings and reduced radiation properties, owing to the Eco Mode Plus feature, making it consume less electricity, and ultimately, kinder to your wallet and the environment.

2. Siemens Gigaset SL910ASL910A-1

This cordless phone boasts an award winning design featuring a large, user-friendly 3.2” capacitive full-touch user interface for quick and easy navigation, a sophisticated metal handset frame and charger, and answering machine with a recording time of up to 55 minutes.

The SL910A is Siemens’ first home cordless phone with a full touch user interface. It is an elegant piece that takes the world of home telephony to a whole new level, made to navigate effortlessly through the three home screens that conveniently divide functions into message, dialling, and customisable information centres.

The dial centre screen can be used to easily place calls; the message centre can be used to keep track of missed, received, and placed phone calls; and the customisable centre screen to place your favourite features, which may include a directory, clock, calendar, and much more.

3. iDECT Smart 64iDECT Smart Home Phones

This is an Android-enabled home cordless phone that offers a host of smart features, as well as access to numerous apps via Google Play. The iDECT Smart 64 has an elegant design featuring a large 4.0” TFT LCD capacitive touchscreen, Wi-Fi, 4GB built-in storage, hands-free speakerphone, a front-facing camera for video calls and more.

iDECT Smart 64 runs on Android Jelly Bean 4.2.2 OS, and has unlimited potential uses, including all-purpose remote for your Smart TV; pairing with a Wi-Fi enabled camera for use as a secure entry system or baby monitor; Android capabilities such as access to a web browser and Google Play for installation of whichever apps you need; and DECT features, such as phonebook memory with a capacity of up to 1,000 contact, ability to view caller ID of anyone who’s calling, and an integrated loudspeaker for hands-free conversation.

In Conclusion

The three phones mentioned above have various similar features, and different features, as well. So, the user has to look further, beyond the cordless and touchscreen features, to find a phone that best fits the home or office application.