The baby monitor is one of those must-have items on the checklist of any new or expecting parents. There are plenty of high tech, modern offerings available which pack a huge array of monitoring features into a single device, and there are other options available which take a somewhat simpler approach to the job of baby monitoring.

For those frugal parents looking for a bargain or those getting by on a tight budget, we've compiled this list of the Top 3 Budget Baby Monitors to insure every parent can be assisted with their child rearing experience with the aid of technology.

Gigaset PA330 Digital Baby MonitorGigaset_PA330

Pretty straightforward, the Gigaset PA330 is your basic audio baby monitor. Operating on DECT protocols, the PA330 offers high quality, interference-free audio which lets you listen in on every nuance from the nursery. It features VOX mode which can be enabled to only have the PA330 broadcast loud noises such as crying, so you can get some peace and quiet but still be alerted if need arises. The three LED noise level indicators on the parent unit also help to give you a bit of idea whats going on without having to have the speaker on all the time.

The PA330 offers a range of up to 50 meters indoors and 200 meters outdoors, plenty for most households. Overall, it is an exceptional baby monitor, doing its job quite well and at a low price of just £39.99.

SCD505Philips Avent SCD 505 Baby Monitor

Also at the £39.99 price point is the Philips Avent SCD 505 Baby Monitor – another fairly basic audio monitor. But for the price, the SCD 505 is hard to beat. It incorporates high quality microphones for detailed audio quality and the parent unit is equipped with quality speakers for high quality sound reproduction. Offering a range of up to 330 meters, the SCD 505 manages to broadcast totally encrypted, securing the signal from eavesdroppers.

The parent unit also features LED sound level indicator lights and a microphone to use the talk back feature. With talk back, you can easily broadcast your voice to your child through the baby monitors speaker to provide a soothing reassurance. Or you can remotely control a selection of lullabies to be played.

Motorola MBP 11 Baby MonitorMotorolaMBP11

From Motorola we find the MBP11, the cheapest monitor on our list at just £27.99. While definitely the more basic selection on this list, the MBP 11 manages to perform the task of audio baby monitoring quite well with no frills or unnecessary gizmos. It includes rechargeable parent unit with sound level LED indicators and a range of 300 meters on its DECT connection. The parent unit also includes Eco mode to intelligently activate power savings. Equipped with data encryption, the MBP 11 provides a secure link into your nursery.

The high sensitivity microphone makes the MBP 11 sure to pick up every detail with crisp high definition quality, letting you hear every laugh, cry or gurgle.

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