From the Latin words bini (meaning two or twofold, such as in “binary”) and aural meaning “perceived by the ear,” we get the word binaural, literally meaning “pertaining to (or having) both ears.” A binaural headset is a headset which features two ear pieces, as opposed to the popular single-ear piece mono headset which is quite common.

Because a binaural headset features two speakers, it presents its audio in glorious stereo. This makes a binaural headset much more ideal for applications like music listening and video gaming, where having an quality stereo image is important to the listening and gaming experience.

Plantronics CS520 Binaural Wireless Headset

First up on our list is this fantastic offering from Plantronics, jam-packed with high quality features. Ideal for a range of applications from communicating with your favourite Voice over IP (VoIP) program, listening to music in beautiful high-fidelity stereo or even for video gaming where the crisp stereo imaging will let you pick up a sort of three-dimensional portrait of audio allowing you to discern some information about the location the sound is coming from, letting you hear which direction your foes might be approaching from in some advanced video games. This is a feature impossible to offer on a mono headset.

With the Plantronics CS520 Binaural Wireless Headset, you can stay immersed in the game and in communication with team mates or even a completely unrelated phone call or voice chat with the exceptional noise-cancelling microphone featured on the CS520.

This is a high-end offering, and Plantronics has not skimped on any of the details. A massive range of of 120 metres combined with an impressive 9 hours of talk time make this a wireless solution more than capable of letting you wander about even the largest residence on extended calls. Or spend your time moving freely about your house while still having complete wireless access to your digital music library.

Plantronics CS520

Jabra Pro 9450 Duo Binaural Wireless Headset

Next up we find this offering from Jabra, which features a wireless range of up to 150 meters. The devices base connects to telephones and USB-compatible devices. Equipped with a variety of noise-cancelling features, the Jabra Pro 9450 Duo Binaural Wireless Headset is ideal for use in noisy environments such as offices. Designed to provide a range of functionality and a high degree of flexibility, the Jabra Pro 9450 lets users have complete call handling from the headset, its base or a third party computer system. Ideal for an office environment, the Pro 9450 features several additions to make it easy to deploy and highly effective in professional environments.


Sennheiser MB Pro 2

Last but not least on our list is the Sennheiser MB Pro 2 Binaural Headset, our last wireless binaural headset. The cornerstone of this device is Sennheisers amazing HD Sound which produces brilliant audio quality. Combined with Sennheisers Room Experience Technology, conversations on the Sennheiser MB Pro 2 are the next best thing to talking in person. Although the range is a bit on the low side at just 25 meters,
but this is compensated for by the excellent performance of its speakers and microphone.



That's A Wrap!

That's all for this time! Check some other binaural headsets if nothing on this list quite tickled your fancy.