Getting children involved with bird watching is a fantastic opportunity to encourage them to get out and explore. However, deciding which binoculars to choose from can be a challenge. There are so many factors and variations that will vary for each person. That is why we have taken some time to provide you with our top binocular choices for children.

Size and weight of the binoculars are the main key factors to consider. It is important to choose binoculars that are lightweight and offer a smaller lens diameter. This makes the binoculars much easier to hold and keep steady. Additionally, ensuring that the binoculars have a high-degree of durability is also highly recommended.

Finally, the style of binoculars that you choose will depend on the age of the child. The binoculars appearing on this list will be a step-up from traditional children's toy binoculars. Typically recommended for ages 10+ and provides them with an introduction to the world of real binoculars.


1. Viking Badger Cub 8x21 Binoculars (£34.99)

  • Powerful 8x magnification
  • Compact lightweight build
  • Designed to be child friendly
  • Carry case and wrist-strap included

Designed to be affordable and child-friendly, the Viking Badger Cub 8x21 Binoculars combine powerful optics with a lightweight design. The perfect introduction for any budding bird watching enthusiast.

To begin, these binoculars only weigh 144 grams and have a total measurement of 79mm. However, they offer a powerful 8x magnification zoom and a 7.1° field-of-view. This is accompanied by a 10.50mm eye-relief to provide comfort when in use. With all things considered, it is clear to see why the Viking Badger Cub is a fantastic option for kids.

Built to be portable and readily available, the Viking Badger Cub is perfect for your next adventure. On top of this, they also come included with a carry case and wrist-strap.

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2. Celestron Outland X 8x25 Binoculars (£49.99)

  • Multi-coated optics for enhanced colour fidelity
  • Powerful 8x magnification zoom
  • Protective rubber coating for added durability
  • Includes carry case & strap

Aimed at providing high-quality optics and build design at an affordable price, the Celestron Outland X is an excellent choice. Perfectly suited for children thanks to the lightweight and compact design which makes it comfortable to hold and use.

Pairing multi-coated optics with an 8x magnification zoom makes these binoculars an optimal choice for bird watching. Maximising image clarity through enhanced colour fidelity ensures that images appear crystal clear. Additionally, they offer a 8.2° field of vision to allow for easy target tracking.

Designed for use in all weather conditions, the Celestron Outland is ready and willing to face the Great British weather. A fully waterproof build paired with nitrogen-filled lenses ensures that the binoculars are always ready to go. Furthermore, the addition of twist-up eyecups provide ultimate comfort when in use.

With all features considered, the Celestron Outland X are an excellent pair of introductory binoculars. Offering a perfect blend of comfort and high-quality optics that are easy to use, there is not much more you could ask for. The compact, lightweight design allows these binoculars to be readily available and extremely comfortable to hold.

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3. Viking Badger 8x32 Binoculars (£84.95)

  • 8x Magnification Optics - Perfect for bird watching
  • Rubber-armour design for durability
  • Small, compact build which is perfect for travelling
  • Includes rain guard, carry case, and strap

The final entry on our list is the Viking Badger 8x32 Binoculars. A perfect combination of  high quality optics paired with a compact build design. Built to withstand all weather conditions thanks to the multi-coated lenses and waterproof coating. This is the perfect choice for all budding bird watchers out there. However, due to the larger lens diameter, this is more suited to teenagers and older children.

Combining a powerful 8x magnification zoom with multi-coated optics makes the Viking Badger a great option for bird watching. Nitrogen-filled lenses prevent fogging from disrupting the view and makes them a viable choice for all weather conditions. To add to this, they offer a 6.8° field-of-view which is the equivalent of 119m at a 1km distance.

Designed to not only be durable, but compact and portable as well. The rubber-armour design and waterproof finish will protect this from the elements whilst still being easy to grip on to. Additionally, this comes included with accessories including a rain guard and a carry case for extra protection.

The Viking Badger 8x32 Binoculars are perfect as an introductory pair of binoculars for bird watching. However, due to the larger size of the model in comparison to the previous models on this list, they are more suited for teenagers. This is based on the weight of the binoculars and the size of the objective lenses available.

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