Characterised by its straightforward setup, great functionality, and attractive design, the Panasonic 8061 cordless phone is a cost-effective, feature-packed phone that offers convenience and reliability for home or office use. In function, the 8061 is almost comparable to the mobile phones of several years ago, before the introduction of touch screen smartphones. It is sleek, lightweight, robust, and very easy to configure after a quick browse through the manual, and its huge assortment of features makes it highly versatile without complicating its operation, giving it good value for money.

While the Panasonic 8061 offers value for money with a multitude of features and compatibility options, there are a few accessories that can enhance its operation, including:

RTX1. RTX Repeater

With the RTX DECT repeater, you can extend the range of your 8061 cordless phone to cover sections where the reception was previously not available. The RTX repeater can be used with any DECT cordless phone, and its transparency to the 8061 handset and base unit allows all original functions between the two to be supported through the repeater. The base unit, cordless handset(s), and repeater use wireless communications so that the signals are exchanged without the user noticing any difference.

You can connect up to 6 repeaters to the base unit, though they must all be installed within the base unit’s coverage area. While the RTX cannot be installed in series, correct placement of multiple units can be used to extend coverage in all directions, horizontally and vertically to cover multiple floors in a building. If the repeaters are placed so that the coverage areas and base unit overlap, you can move freely with the 8061 handsets within the total coverage area while on a call, since the handover process is automatic and seamless.

2. Plantronics M175 Headset

M175_largeLike other mobile headsets, the stylish Plantronics M175 corded headset offers hands-free talking on a budget. It is specially designed to let users stay in touch by giving them the ability to keep on talking wherever they are – in the office, in the car, or at home. The Plantronics M175 connects to both mobile phones and cordless phones that support 2.5mm headset ports, so you can easily connect it to your 8061 for greater freedom and comfort.

The M175 utilises exceptional technology, including a noise cancelling microphone and a 3-position pivoting microphone switch for optimal voice clarity and greater compatibility, respectively. You can also enjoy clearer conversations owing to the superior padded earpiece-to-ear coupling, which makes it a versatile accessory for busy, noisy work environments. It also offers three wearing styles, including over-the-head, over-the-ear, and behind-the-head.

9120_small3. GN9120 DG

Featuring a sleek discreet design and wireless range of up to 490 ft, the Jabra GN9120 DG Wireless Headset is the ideal headset to enhance your employees work productivity while taking calls. It supports DECT 1.8 standard wireless technology, while offering direct connectivity to your desk phone. With an omni-directional microphone and noise cancelling feature, you can enjoy enhanced call clarity due to the elimination of background noise in your work environment.

Amidst the great features and versatility to work with multiple accessories, the Panasonic 8061 is also expandable to 6 handsets, which can be purchased separately, for convenient placement in different rooms for large houses. Additional handsets, like the Panasonic KX-TGA 806, are available.