In the market for a new wireless noise cancelling headset? Coincidentally, so are we.

Here at liGo, we spend most of our time browsing available products to select the latest and greatest to bring you features on the blog and new and exciting additions to our already pretty impressive catalogue of communications wonders available over at the store.

With that quest in mind, this week I was delivered the task with making a round up of the top 5 wireless noise cancelling headsets I could find. It was quite an adventure through the many merits and shortcomings of some of the markets highest quality headsets.

But in the end, I think my 5 contenders were well selected and sure to excite. Lets have a look.

5. Jabra Pro 920 Wireless Headset

Coming in at the number 5 spot I selected the Jabra Pro 920 Wireless Headset. Although on the surface it looks a little bare bones, this exceptional offering from Jabra packs some of the best audio quality available in its price range. Combined with its simple yet tried and true look, the Jabra Pro 920 is comfortable and easy to use, with a no frills approach sure to be appreciated by anyone who just wants to get down to business.

One interesting feature of the Jabra Pro 920 is the ability to select between wide and narrow band sound modes. If you're looking for maximum audio fidelity, wide band helps provide the clarity and definition you desire. But if you're less concerned with audio quality and more interested in prolonging battery life, the comparatively low-energy narrow band mode can provide an extra boost to battery life.

Jabra Pro 920


4. GN Netcom 9350

With a sleek over the ear look that lends itself to a minimal foot print design, the GN Netcom 9350 is well suited to practically disappearing when being worn, making it brilliantly equipped for extended wear. Also complimenting its ability to be worn for marathon sessions is the incredible 9 hours of continuous talk time offered by its battery.

Rounding off the package with high quality audio thanks to Digital Signal Processing (DSP) and precision engineered noise cancelling microphone, the GN Netcom 9350 cements itself firmly in the #4 spot.

GN Netcom 9350


3. Plantronics CS520

At #3 we have something a bit different from before. This time, instead of an office-style monoaural headset, we have the striking binaural design of the Plantronics CS520.

Allowing users complete immersion in their soundscape and enabling quality voice communications thanks to the adjustable noise cancelling microphone, the CS520 is ideal as a gaming headset, or as a general purpose computing headset.

Plantronics CS520


2. Jabra GO 6470 Wireless Headset

Offering seamless integration across a range of devices, the GO 6470 from Jabra is an all-in-one communications solution. Easily take calls from your computer, desk phone, or smart phone – all from a single headset. Never waste time messing with different devices or scrambling to answer the proper phone.

No matter the source of the call, all are rendered in brilliant high quality audio thanks to Digital Signal Processing and the GO 6470's two ideally placed noise cancelling microphones which block out background noise.

Go 6470


1. Plantronics CS540

Recently noted here at the liGo blog for possibly being the best office headset on the market, I decided that the Plantronics CS540 snags the #1 spot, even over the amazing Jabra GO 6470 which took the runner up spot. Although not quite as packed with features as the GO 6470, the CS540 provides astounding audio quality and brilliant functionality at a substantially cheaper price point than the GO 6470. While the GO 6470 might be a better selection for the power user, the CS540 is more likely to find itself at home in a wide variety of environments.

And why not? With wide band audio, a DECT backbone, 100 meter range, the ability to select between 3 wearing styles, one touch call controls, 7 hours of battery life, and impeccably crisp audio, the CS540 is a true contender for its top spot.

Plantronics CS540

In Conclusion

Did you find the perfect wireless noise cancelling headset for yourself? If you are not convinced still, be sure to check out our headset reviews section.