Today I'd like to bring your attention to what is probably the most elegant BlueTooth headset to cross my path in a long time.

Taking its cues from the ear mounted BlueTooth headsets commonly partnered with mobiles, the Plantronics Voyager Edge is a lightweight device ideal for use on the go anywhere one finds themselves wishing for a hands free calling experience.

Although I've personally always preferred somewhat less compact headsets (those more in the style of an office headset than a mobile headset,) I was pretty impressed after a few days of putting the Voyager Edge through its paces.

I found it comfortable, easy to wear and use, and packed with helpful features that really pulled the user experience together.

Here's what I learned.

Hands On with the Voyager Edge

When I first took the Voyager Edge out of its packaging, I felt like I was putting on the kind of futuristic communications device you might see in Star Trek.

Plantroncis Voyager Edge

The sleek aesthetic of the Voyager Edge certainly lends to its futuristic appeal. But more importantly, the Voyager Edge doesn't sacrifice form for function. The sleek design is also quite comfortable to wear, and lightweight enough to be forgotten about a few minutes after putting it on.

Impressive Audio

In terms of audio quality I was pretty impressed. While I've had trouble hearing on devices similar to the Voyager Edge, it was easy to hear plenty of detail from the other end of the line while doing voice calls.

My friend I was calling reported great audio on his end, thanks to the 3 precisely tuned microphones the Voyager Edge uses to provide high quality audio and noise cancelling features.

Plantronics Voyager Edge

Designed to be used on the go, the clever inclusion of 3 microphones makes the Voyager Edge much more functional when out and about in noisy or windy environments.

Helpful Controls

Smart phone integration and voice commands provide the backbone of the controls offered from the Voyager Edge. Plantronic's Responsive Smart Sensor technology allows you to answer incoming calls simply by picking up the headset.

Voice commands make it easy to answer or ignore incoming calls without having to reach for your phone. The smart phone integration feature even allows the Voyager Edge to read you information from your contact list about who is calling, freeing you from needing to look at your phone at all.

I found all of these features helpful, and the voice commands surprisingly responsive. But what I enjoyed the most about the Voyager Edge is its portable charging case.

Charging on the Go

The portable charging case included with the Voyager Edge is a nifty little addition to the package. Acting essentially as a secondary battery, the Voyager Edge's portable charging case can be plugged in at home and function as a normal charger, or it can itself hold a charge which you can later make use of without plugging the unit in.

Simply insert the headset into the charger, and voila! Portable charging, where ever you find yourself.

Overall Impressions

An impressively feature rich and aesthetically pleasing unit, the Voyager Edge is worth investigating for anyone in the market for BlueTooth headsets. If you'd like to learn more about the headset, read our review here.