In the era of smart phones, for many people it makes no sense to carry around something seemingly as archaic as a two way radio. But those who would so quickly abandon the rugged versatility of the two way radio in favour of a smart phone might be in for a nasty surprise if their smart phone is suddenly not up to the task.

Smart Phones Need Not Apply

Let's consider a simple fact: most of us use our smart phones for a lot more than just keeping in touch. Personally my phone is full of all kinds of pictures, notes, videos, audio recordings, and all sorts of stuff which I generate throughout my normal day to day. Plus, I've spent probably a few hours playing with settings and installing apps and everything just to get my phone set up the way I like it.

So when I'm hiking up the side of a mountain, or standing above a rushing stream, I generally don't want to reach for my smart phone. Even if it has the most rugged case money can buy, a tumble down the mountainside or a dip in a running stream will leave me watching a few hundred quid washed away, and maybe some irreplaceable data to boot.

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For this reason alone, I bring my set of TLKR T80's if I want to communicate on an outdoor adventure. I like my smart phone, don't get me wrong. That is exactly why I don't want to put it in harms way.motorola tlkr T80 extreme in a box

Get Out of Service with the Motorola TLKR T80

How much time do you spend in the little bubble in which your cellphone works? Okay, sure, the modern cell phone network has made that a pretty big bubble. But get out there! There is more to see! Aside from faraway lands where mobile service is a distant memory, there are all sorts of neat little crags, valleys, forests, and other dense natural wonders where radio frequencies are scarce.

In these areas, two way radios can still thrive and perform admirably, meaning you never have to be at the mercy of the mobile network. The TLKR T80 excels in this area in particular, offering a massive range of up to 10 kilometres under the right conditions – more than enough to keep in touch with even the most liberally dispersed hiking party!

Ready for the Trials of the Trail

While some high-end smart phone cases can provide a lot of protection, none of them come close to the inherently rugged design of the TLKR T80. Weatherproof, shock resistant, and all around durable, there is not a lot you can do to break the TLKR T80 through normal use. As long as you don't lose it, it will be ready to perform!

Rounding off its outdoorsy readiness is a high-capacity battery and the inclusion of a bright LED torch to help ensure you never find yourself without a flashlight when you really need one.

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