Headsets have become a ubiquitous part of offices and call centres the world over. These simple devices allow for much greater flexibility, allowing people to keep in touch without impairing their hands or other limbs, freeing them to remain productive and in touch simultaneously.

This staple of the office world is also a highly useful device to have around at home. Lets take a look at 3 of the top benefits of using a headset at home.

1. Complete Freedom

With a wireless headset, you are completely unconfined by any device but still able to carry on a phone conversation as well as answer or place new calls. This means never having to cradle a phone, worry about getting too far from your speakerphone, and never having to worry about being confined to a wire on a corded phone or headset.

Freeing your hands to tend to important matters, the complete freedom offered by a headset can be a massive boon to productivity.


2. Ergonomics

If you spend a lot of time on the phone, a headset is by far the most ergonomic option to prevent strain on your neck, shoulders, hands and arms.

Lightweight modern designs are highly comfortable to wear and practically unnoticeable after a few moments of wear. They place minimal stress on the body, making them the optimal option for long usage.

3. Cross Compatibility

Many headsets can be used with a variety of devices, such as phone systems (mobile and land line,) computers, tablets, BlueTooth compatible devices and more.

With a single interface you can communicate through varied mediums from different devices. The best headset systems are even capable of being setup to handle multiple devices simultaneously, letting you have access to all your communications without switching any cords or configurations.

Check Them Out!

There are all sorts of headsets, from the most basic corded option to the most complex cordless contraption. Take a look at some headsets available at liGo, or a few previously featured on our blog.