It is undeniable that there is something of an artist in any product designer. The best products are often elegantly designed and exhibit a beauty of their own. Undeniably, something like a cordless phone can be a work of art, yet it is never clearer than when one looks at something like the Gigaset Sculpture.

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As its name would suggest, the Sculpture sets out to be something artful from the very beginning. This is reflected in the intriguing shape of the phones handset and charging station, which evoke a futuristic shape that showcases the unique designs behind the Sculpture. Available in black or white, the Sculpture has three designs for each version: champagne, zebrano, and graphite.

Gigaset Sculpture - More than Meets the Eye

gigaset sculpture´whiteClearly, Gigaset's philosophy with the Sculpture is that a phone can be artful not only in its aesthetic, but also in its functionality. In tradition with Gigaset's long history of innovation and commitment to quality, the Sculpture brings some interesting features to the table. Tailored for a smooth, liquidy haptic experience, the buttons on the Sculpture are designed to be smooth and seamless to interact with, ideally balanced for quick, easy usage.

A look at the 1.8 inch TFT display which boasts 65,000 colours speaks volumes to Gigaset's commitment to making every part of using the Sculpture an impressive experience. Typical cordless phone features are included, such as:

  • a 200 entry contact list,
  • alarm clock,
  • calendar,
  • and other practical features.

Audio concerns are handled with top notch Gigaset electronics and High Sound Performance technology for crystal clear calls.

The Sculpture can double as an intercom system or even a baby monitor if you want to get more than just a cordless phone out of the deal. And the Gigaset Sculpture CL750A model can be selected if you need an answering machine for an all in one home phone setup.

The standard version of the Sculpture will not include an answering machine, but the CL750A  includes an integrated digital answerphone with 30 minutes of recording time.

A Balanced Package

gigaset sculpture blackIn addition to being an eye catching look, the form of the Sculpture also lends itself to being quite ergonomic. Designed with the human body in mind, the Sculpture is not entirely geared towards looks. It is designed to be comfortable in the hand and held up to the face, even for longer periods. This means Sculpture owners will not only have one of the coolest looking phones around, but possibly one of the most comfortable as well.

Take Advantage of Gigaset GO

As part of the Gigaset GO line, the Sculpture will include a host of useful features for IP telephony, including some exclusive calling services useful for GO users. Making the transition from land lines to VoIP seamless, GO Products are a sure investment in changing communications climates as they can be used either as standard land lines or connected to internet services for use as a VoIP phone.