Panasonic is taking a few leaps of innovation with their brand new KX-TGK320. This premium cordless phone includes some unique features which many might find appealing. Firstly, it is made in a sleek minimalist design with a very basic two-tone colour scheme which compliments its monochrome display.

This look might not be for everyone, but for fans of minimalism and those looking for a unique twist on an old appliance, the look of the KX-TGK320 might be an eye catching novelty. Yet while Panasonic has strived to make a simple no frills exterior, beneath the hood of the KX-TGK320 we find a fully functional and very modern cordless DECT phone.

KX-TGK320 - Innovating in Function As Well as Form

kx-tgk320 on a table

One other oddity in the KX-TGK320 is its single cord design. Unlike a typical cordless phone which connects to power and to a land line via two separate cables, the KX-TGK320 has a single cord which runs out to a small interface where the cords separate. If this design is helpful or not will depend on the placement of power and telephone outlets within each users home. But for those with conveniently located outlets, this innovation could help reduce the clutter of cords clogging up your home.

The base of the KX-TGK320 employs a clever geometry which aligns with the handset regardless of if you place it facing upwards or downwards. The orientation does not affect the phones ability to charge, which connects through a port on the bottom of the handset. This is both cool looking and functional, giving the KX-TGK320 a bit of extra flair.

Incoming calls are indicated by your usual ringer as well as an array of blue LEDs on both the handset and the base.

All the Necessities

kx-tgk320Panasonic has not abandoned pragmatism with their feats of designer fancy in the KX-TGK320. It is home to all the necessities of a quality cordless phone, such as:

  • a contact list,
  • integrated digital answering machine,
  • caller ID,
  • and even a black list of blocked numbers.

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It will also include some handy call blocking features to prevent certain area codes or with held numbers from calling. The ringer can be disabled at will or even set on night mode to turn off the ringer for a specified duration or on a schedule. If there are certain calls you simply can't miss, the KX-TGK320's VIP list function allows certain numbers to be specified which can always get through even if all other calls can't.

Premium Quality and Eco Friendly

The eco friendly power saving options on the KX-TGK320 allow you to save on your electric bill and do your part for the environment. By cleverly controlling transmission power, when the eco mode is enabled the KX-TGK320 does what it can to use as little power as possible.

As one of Panasonic's premium offerings, the KX-TGK320 is a device sure to be foremost in manufacturing quality. If you are looking for an appliance which distinguishes itself from the pack in form, features, and functionality, the KX-TGK320 may just be the device you are looking for.