Texting Bloopers and Blunders

No one imagined that the telephone would rise to such a celebrity status.  Mobile phones have become a common accessory and they get more functional every year.  Despite all the convenience, many people these days are doing everything but talking on their phones. Why would they?  There is so much more to do.  People are playing games on their handsets, watching movies and pulling up directions to the nearest restaurant.  And when they do fee like talking, they choose to do it over a tiny keypad, speaking a language that is being adopted by everyone from teenagers to business professionals.  This is the wacky world of text messaging.

When Texting Goes Bad

While it just may seem like the latest trend, texting has many beneficial uses, indicating that its going to be around for a while.  The more experienced user can send a text message at lightning speed, getting their point across in the blink of an eye.  It makes a great form of communication when you want to say hi but don’t really feel like talking.  The technology is simple perfection but when combined with the bumbling of human error, there are many times when texting can lead to disaster.

Research conducted by BT Fusion Mobile shows that an estimated 47% of mobile phone users in the UK have made the mistake of sending a text message to someone they didn’t intend to.  For some, it resulted in sheer embarrassment, the loss of their sweetheart or the worst case scenario, loss of employment.  Nearly 40% screwed up by spilling details about their intimate affairs, details about someone else’s bedroom business, sexy private messages and the latest gossip on Tom, Dick and Jane.  About 25% of them made the cardinal sin of sending the text to the person they were actually talking about.

When catching a case of fumbly fingers, 70% of the texters studied claimed they simply weren’t paying enough attention.  As you could imagine, drinking also plays a huge factor as more than 10% say most of their errors were alcohol fueled.   Additionally, 18% of British texters say that all these seemingly misdirected messages aren’t mistakes.  These users claim that some people do it just to get under their mate’s skin and draw a reaction or let them know the cat’s out of the bag.

Look Who’s Texting

On the surface, one would believe that women and young females were behind all the texting.  They are slightly more talkative - slightly.  However, BT’s research revealed that men and women are fairly equal when it comes to spreading the juicy gossip over their phones.  Not too shocking that men are reported as more likely to make the biggest blunders by sending a sexy message to the wrong the lover.  Some also admitted to receiving intimate messages intended for someone else and landing themselves in hot water.

So just who’s texting?  Who isn’t?  Every mobile phone user is equipped and many new cordless phones are even packing the technology. Thats right, now you can take your texting to your favorite couch! Phones such as the BT Diverse 6450 and the Siemens Gigaset SL565 come standard with built in SMS text messaging.  Texting can save you a lot of time and annoying conversations but take heed of the downsides.  A U.S. mayor was recently forced to resign for what was aptly coined as “The Text Messaging Scandal”.  Take a lesson from some of your mates, keep your secrets private and have text responsibly