The holidays is a time of celebration and of family togetherness. Even if you're not in visiting distance of friends or loved ones, it can make all the difference to have a little bit of communication to spread some holiday cheer far and wide. To help bring in the spirit of the holidays, Tesco is offering free calling to any United States phone number via their Tesco International Calling App.

Available for free on Google Play and the Apple Store, the Tesco International Calling App can be downloaded to any smart phone or mobile tablet device. Using the app, calling to the United States would typically run users 2p a minute, but is completely free until Christmas 2014 when the promotion ends.

This means now is the perfect time to take advantage of this free calling opportunity to send some well wishes to family across the pond, call up an old friend from years long past or keep in touch with loved ones on holiday in the States.

Other Free International Calling Services

Tesco's limited time promotion is not the only avenue one can utilise to get some free international calling. Services such as Rebtel offer users free international calling minutes for certain incentives like sharing a link on a social media service.

Skype also offers some free international calling with their Skype Unlimited World Subscription Trial, which lets users call mobile devices in up to 8 countries and landlines in 63 completely free for one month using a Skype phone or their Internet connection. The trial does require payment information but does not bill the user and can be cancelled before the next months payment is due.


You can even easily integrate Skype services into your normal home phone system. Check out our review of the RTX 4088 DualPhone which can seamlessly integrate your Skype and normal phone services into a single device.