While many youngsters probably have no recollection, there was once a time when using a telephone required carrying around the base and receiver with a long cord attached to it.  Sometimes you would trip over it or go too far and be reminded of your boundaries.  Maybe you even pulled it out of the phone jack by mistake.  Ah, how times have changed.

The Simple Solution

Thanks to modern technology, most of us no longer have this problem.  The wireless headset is one neat invention that has made our lives much easier, offering hands-free comfort in the home and work setting.  Without 50 ft. of cord following you around the office, you can move with ease.  Stand, pace, clean up the kitchen - do as you please all while carrying on that all important conversation.

Headsets have become standard accessories in customer support orientated businesses where employees  are constantly on the phone.  This gives them the ability to freely move their hands and view their computer monitor, all while giving the customer their undivided attention.  Such freedoms are beneficial to the corporation, the employee and the customer.

Easy on the Body

Although the convenience of wireless headsets may appear obvious, you may be surprised to learn that wireless headsets can reduce muscle tension by 40% or more.  With no cord to worry about, the user has more flexibility, is able to comfortably move their head, neck and shoulders, easing the tension commonly associated with conventional phones.  Furthermore, a wireless headset eases the strain in your hands, something that often occurs when holding a handset over a long period of time.  This allows you to be far more productive, essentially killing two birds with one stone by tending to the conversation and whatever else it is you need to take care of.

With a wireless headset, you are no longer confined to one position all day.  Instead, you can get up every now and then and stretch your legs.  This not only gives you some much needed exercise, but also relieves what would ordinarily be a stressful day.

Get with the Times

By using a wireless headset in the work pace, you can significantly increase production with the freedom to handle important tasks and carry on your communications.  You can put your customers on hold less frequently and never have to make the day longer by calling them back.  This results in a higher level of customer satisfaction, savings for the company and an easier day on the job for you.