We are always inundated with questions here at liGo. But one which seems to crop up again and again is ‘Its like there’s a spaceship in my bedroom, I cant sleep. What can I do?!’.

Well, we understand. Spaceships can be a distraction to say the least. They’re constantly hovering around, making a racket and those beaming lights - even the best sleeping tablets aren’t going to help here.

Fortunately though, the problem isn’t quite as bad as all that. What customers are really complaining about is their cordless phone. Most phones are now expandable to 6 handsets so its no surprise that people tend to have a few kicking about the house. Where better to put one of the handsets, but the bedroom. Unfortunately though, these all singing and dancing phones tend to have nice (bright) displays or a charge indicator light on them. Barely noticeable during the day, these lights shine in all their glory in the dark of the night keeping you poor souls awake.

Before you resort to hiding your handset in a draw or worse still, sticking some horrible tape on the light, let us try and help you. Switch your handset off! Go on, switch if off. Its easy, quick and liberating. All you have to do is press and hold the ‘end call’ key on your phone (with almost all phones) and hold it for a couple of seconds. Your handsets will now slip into a gentle nap until called upon. If you need to use your handset just do the same thing and it will come on.

This ‘light’ issue seemed to be predominantly found in the older model Panasonic phones. If you are buying one of the newer models, then fear not. Their new range are ECO friendly which means when the phone is not in use for a couple of minutes, the handset will automatically switch off. Touch any button, and it will instantly come on and you’re off.