Attempting to bring us something both retro and modern is not an easy task. But that very challenge was taken on by the Swissvoice company when they designed the Swissvoice L7 designer phone. In the L7, we find a strikingly new take on the designer phone which manages to bring us something we haven't really seen before while simultaneously invoking a certain retro sensibility. The result is an intriguing and eye-catching designer phone, great for anyone looking to make a bit of a statement with a normally run of the mill device.


So what is lurking beneath the fancy exterior of the Swissvoice L7?

A Look At Some Features

The device is quite well constructed and durable, with considerable attention given to detail. It features an intercom system between its handsets and base, which can also be used between different handsets if multiple are connected. Since the base station features an intercom system, it can even be used to take calls directly from the base of the phone if desired.

Swissvoice L7

We find a hands-free loudspeaker system on the handset as well, which can be helpful for a cordless conference call. If you're looking to switch up your ring tones, you can easily select from the 11 polyphonic ring tones available on the L7's handset and 2 monophonic ringtones available on the base.

Angular Aesthetic

Swissvoice L7 All in all, its feature set is fairly straightforward: what makes the L7 really shine is its angular aesthetic which gives it is name. The L-shaped design also allows the handset to be free-standing, should you desire to use it on speakerphone.

If you're in the market for something different, the L7 is a neat choice which won't look out of place on a kitchen counter top or on the desk of an executive. For further inspiration, check out our other article on designer phones for a few more options.