Siemens Gigaset E500A
An elegant design and maximum ease of use are the distinguishing features of the Gigaset E500 and E500A from Gigaset Communications. Great importance was placed on a generous design of the keys, display and fonts used for the new phones, and on ensuring exceptional sound quality – including in handsfree mode or in conjunction with hearing aids or a headset. Four separate speed dialing keys for important numbers, as well as an emergency call function with the E500A, ensure even more security and user-friendliness. Important new features compared with the predecessor model, the E360, include a side rocker control to adjust the volume during calls, a larger, high-contrast display, even brighter key illumination and the latest power-saving and low-radiation ECO DECT technology. The Gigaset E500A also has an answering machine with a display that shows the number of messages and a light bar on the base station that visually signals incoming calls.

Form and function joined in a harmonious whole: The Gigaset E500 won the 2010 red dot design award thanks to its successful combination of ergonomics, materials that are pleasant to the touch and its timeless color and form. Plenty of space was reserved for the number and call keys, which have a very precise pressure point and clearly visible backlighting. Four separate keys are available at the top of the handset to enable speed dialing. The base station of the Gigaset E500A also has four speed dialing keys, and an emergency function can be enabled as well. If the first speed dialing key (with red backlighting) is pressed on the base station or handset, the phone dials four numbers – of relatives or friends, for example – one after the other until the emergency call reaches someone. The digital answering machine of the Gigaset E500A records up to 25 minutes of messages and can be controlled from the handset or directly on the base station via keys integrated there. The base station also has a display that shows the number of messages received and a light bar on the front that visually indicates incoming calls.

Siemens Gigaset E500
The numbers and letters are large and easily visible on the brightly illuminated display. A 2-way navigation key can be used to change settings quickly and easily thanks to simple menu structures. It can be used to enable the ECO Plus mode, for example, which switches off transmitting power between the handset and base station if no call is in progress. In addition, ECO mode reduces radiation by 80 percent during calls. Thanks to leading-edge power supply units, power consumption in idle mode (without battery charging) is less than 0.4 watts. Depending on the setting, the Gigaset E500/500 A must be placed back in the charging cradle only after 25 hours of calls or 240 hours on standby.