Good news for those who use the free version of Spotify- from now on, you’ll be able to take full advantage of the Spotify Connect feature, and enjoy seamless streaming to your multi-room speaker system.

For those of you not in the know, Spotify Connect is a feature which allows users to play music directly from Spotify on their audio devices. Unlike Bluetooth streaming, the connection to Spotify is independent of your device. That means you’re free to take calls without stopping the music, and it won’t cut out if you take your phone or tablet out of range of the speaker. Instead, the tunes will keep on playing, and you’re free to carry on using your device.


Not just for Premium users anymore

Up until now, only Spotify Premium users had access to the Connect feature. That meant that free users- all 100 million of them- could only stream wirelessly through  Bluetooth. Now, though, anyone will be able to take charge of the soundtrack, making Spotify Connect ideal for parties and get-togethers.

Why the change? Spotify haven't said, but one theory is that it will get more people using the service. Once they are hooked, those users will hopefully realise what they are missing, and naturally want to upgrade. With the ability to play any song on-demand, instead of being limited to shuffling playlists, should be enough to encourage at least a few users to for out for a monthly subscription.

We should note, though, that this change won’t come into effect overnight. The onus is on manufacturers to update the software on their speakers and DAB radios to add this feature. That means it could be a while before most people can start enjoying Spotify Connect without a Premium account. Luckily, though, this change only applies to internet-enabled devices. That means you should find your speaker or radio automatically receives an update from the manufacturer. Most will likely be keen to roll out such updates, to give potential purchasers an extra reason to buy.

At liGo, we have a number of internet radios that come with Spotify Connect built-in. These include high-end brands like Revo and Como Audio, known for their incredible sound quality. With access to Spotify's library of over 30 million songs, you'll really be able to enjoy the full benefits of these premium speaker sets. Plus, with multi-room functionality too, there's never been a better time to explore the world of WiFi speakers and radios for yourself.

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