Sonicare Platinum – Saving your teeth one buzz at a time!

00002895We’ve tested quite a few toothbrushes in recent years, but none had quite prepared us for the fantastic Philips Sonicare HX9172/10 FlexCare Platinum. At first glance, this silver and white electric toothbrush already looks fairly stunning. The metal finish feels solid, and looks as high quality as it promises to be.

On first use the vibrations of the brush almost make your head buzz off your shoulders, which is especially disconcerting if you’ve only used a manual toothbrush up until now. However, day two has you completely used to this, and the clean feeling of your teeth is fantastic.

Three stages of clean

The Sonicare Platinum takes you through several stages of brushing, pausing vibrations briefly after each stage, before shutting itself off when you’re done. This is great, because it takes the mindfulness completely out of brushing your teeth, while offering a top-notch clean that other electric brushes simply cannot compete with.

Our verdict

00002896The Sonicare Platinum by Philips may not be the cheapest electric toothbrush, but it offers unparalleled features. Thanks to the added UV sanitizer and carrying case, you can take this toothbrush anywhere, while always keeping it as clean and shiny as your sparkling teeth!