There are few parts of the technological infrastructure which have not managed to integrate themselves in some capacity into the vast possibilities offered by smart phones and similar portable computer devices.BTSMART_large3

Baby monitors are no exception – and with the nature of the modern baby monitor lending itself towards a multimedia experience, these devices find themselves quite at home integrating with smart phones and other devices.

These so-called “smart baby monitors” are jam packed with every feature possible to give you a digital extension of your senses, letting you always be in touch and in view of what’s going on in your child's room. Integrating with a smart phone such as an Android or iOS device, the various controls and output of a smart baby monitor can be accessed from your device anywhere it can connect to the internet.

Your Digital Eyes, Ears, Voice And More

A far cry (no pun intended) from the humble origins of the baby monitor, which was effectively a simple two-way radio for picking up babies cries, smart baby monitors include at the very least a microphone and a camera, providing you with constant audiovisual data from inside the baby’s room. The cameras can be set for constant monitoring or motion activation.

Frequently, infrared cameras are integrated into the baby monitor to allow for visible monitoring of the child even after lights out time. High quality microphones pick up crisp high definition audio letting you hear every nuance. We also typically find a speaker equipped to the baby monitor, letting you talk to your child through the speaker system or control a play lists of songs to serenade them to sleep or set the mood for playtime.

A Movable Vantage Point

Many smart baby moniSHN1010N_largetors, like the Samsung SNH-1010N Smartcam integrate small motors which allow the camera to be panned, tilted or zoomed for extra clarity or ideal positioning. This allows you to keep your eye on the child, day or night, from the palm of your hand.

With a wide range accessible from panning and tilting, a properly positioned baby monitor can allow you to view almost every position within the room, ensuring you can always get a glance at what’s going on.

Useful Statistics

Baby monitors do more than just monitor baby itself – they can now also monitor the environment of the nursery. This includes data on specifics such as the rooms temperature and humidity. A device, like the BT Smart Audio Baby Monitor can be configured to provide alerts if the camera detects and motion or sound, letting you always be in the know and keep precise track of the child’s sleep cycles.

Onwards And Upwards

With a product as useful to parents as the baby monitor, innovation never stops. Any piece of technology which can provide extra peace of mind in the parenting process is sure to find itself constantly improved and expanded upon. Take a look at some of the fantastic features and devices available in liGo's selection of baby monitors.