If you've got a lot of people in your home, or an especially big home, you're probably already familiar with the convenient, time- and drama-saving possibilities of integrating multiple cordless handsets into your home phone system.

Below, we'll examine six of the sexiest selections anyone could hope for when outfitting a six-handset (sextet) phone system.

Gigaset SL910A

The Siemens Gigaset SL910A is rich with features and offers the next evolution of the cordless phone device. Closer to a smart phone than a traditional cordless handset, this brilliant little phone offers its users a range of features previously only found on smart phones, all within a home phone system.

Best of all, the SL910A can support a huge amount of handsets and is available in a sextet pack!


Gigaset SL400A

Another offering from Gigaset, the Siemens Gigaset SL400A cordles phone is an offering much more in line with more classic cordless phone designs. Featuring a minimalist, form-fitting base and a no-nonsense handset design, the SL400A is a great cordless phone device which is easy to use, reliable, affordable, and available as a sextet!


Panasonic PRW-120

This intriguing designer phone has an interesting non-standard aesthetic, with its overarching lip at the top and its face-up charging design. The Panasonic PRW-120 cordless phone has quite a few neat features not normally equipped on cordless phones, like baby monitor capability, call blocking and magnetic adaptor.

But most intriguing, especially for anyone with a phone system with a large number of handsets, is the PRW-120's ability to connect over WiFi to smart phones or tablet systems which can then function as additional handsets! Pick up a sextet today and also make every tablet and smart phone in your house a part of the system.


Panasonic 6826

The Panasonic 6826 cordless phone is a dependable host of six more or less run of the mill cordless phones, perfect to make themselves the backbone of your home phone system. Exceptional sound quality, 30 minute answering machine and 120-entry phone book, along with Night Mode and call barring features make up the core of the 6826's highly utilitarian and dependable design.


Gigaset S810A

The Siemens Gigaset S810A is a set which would make a great system for any home or office. Each handset is a high quality offering from Gigaset, packing in all the essential calling and handling features without too many frills or bells and whistles.

500 contact phone book, 55-minute answering machine, and brilliant HSP sound technology make for an award-winning iteration on the classic cordless phone.


Panasonic KX-TGH226

Equipped with a host of call blocking features, the Panasonic KX-TGH226 sextet is an offering from Panasonic which is perfect for anyone trying to escape the stresses of unwanted calls.

Do Not Disturb mode lets you block out all incoming calls, or block a specific set of numbers with the integrated blacklist feature. ECO mode reduces power consumption and radiation emissions, while Noise Reduction makes for clearer call quality.


Not Quite What You're After?

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