Need a gadget to make you feel a bit more authoritarian? Want something that instills that indomitable will off the boss man? Even if you're not presiding over a huge work force or calling the shots in a board meeting, you'll feel like a boss every time you pick up your Wild & Wolf Series 302 at home or in the office.

6. No-Nonsense Design Gets Things Done

Not a whole lot has changed on the Wild & Wolf Series 302 corded phone since the original design was introduced by Henry Dreyfuss in 1937. What has been added merely updated a few things to modern tech: meaning the Wild & Wolf Series 302 has nothing on it that isn't purely utilitarian.


5. A Classic Look On Any Bosses Desk

Whether you're managing a fish fry or presiding over the next world-changing technology conglomerate, the Wild & Wolf Series 302 will look equally sharp in any office environment.

4. A Ring To Inspire

The distinctive ring of the classic model has been faithfully reproduced in this replica, bringing a burst of sonic nostalgia ever time it rings. The authoritative “babaring-ring!” (excuse the onomatopoeia) of the Series 302 asserts its dominance and importance every time it goes off.

3. Ergonomic For Long Calls & Serious Business

Within the handset we find an exceptionally ergonomic and easy-to-hold device which lends itself remarkably well for those long business calls.


2. Stand Apart From The Pack

A great leader must distinguish themselves, and so must a great phone. The Wild & Wold Series 302 will surely be an eye-catcher and is an interesting rarity where ever deployed: a conversation piece, a decorative item, a nostalgic icon of the past, and above all a memorable and defining fixture.

1. A Tried And True Winner

In its long tenure as workhorse part of the telecommunications infrastructure, the Wild & Wolf Series 302 corded phone proved remarkably capable and well-suited to the challenges of being the terminal end of the telecom industry. During World War II, the original Dreyfuss model which the Series 302 is based was the go-to device seen on the desk of just about everyone with a phone.


With this faithful replica of the phone that won the war by your side, you'll be surely instilled with that wonderful feeling of truly being the Boss. Now to work on your leadership and management skills....